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Chemistry Department Wait List Policies

A student cannot put his or her name on a wait list before his or her registration windows open:

Wait Lists are maintained to best use the Chemistry Department's resources, especially when it comes to the filling of labs and lectures with multiple sections. Although MAVLINK may indicate there are available seats in a lecture that is closed, students are advised to adjust their schedules to accommodate enrollment into open sections. Those who want a seat in a filled section of a lecture or a lab should monitor MAVLINK for a seat to open in the section they wish to enroll. When all lab or all lecture sections are filled, a Wait List is generated.


  • Wait Lists are generally not opened until all lab or lecture sections of a course are filled.
  • Students taking prerequisite courses at a university or college other than UNO need to have evidence of passing (C- or better) these courses before enrolling in a UNO chemistry class. However, they can contact the Chemistry Office prior to completion of their prerequisite course and leave their name and contact information. Upon successful completion of the prerequisite(s), they will 1) be allowed to enroll if there are open sections of the course; or 2) have their name officially transferred to the Wait List with their priority based on when they first contacted the Chemistry Office.
  • Students currently enrolled in a course will not be added to the course Wait List. If you wish to change sections, see the notes in "During the First Week of Classes".

If MAVLINK shows a course as "Closed," and you wish to be placed on the Wait List, please come to Durham Science Center 337 or contact Miss Janine Brooks, the Chemistry Staff Assistant, at or (402) 554-2651. We need your name, contact information and course(s) in which you wish to enroll.


After a Wait List is Started

As spaces open in a given class, the Chemistry Office will contact students not currently enrolled in any section of the course to offer permits for lecture and lab openings. Students can decline the offer without losing their priority on the Wait List.

During the First Week of Classes

Students wanting to add or change enrollment during the first week should attend both the lecture and the laboratory meetings of the sections they want to add. Those students just requiring lecture need only to attend the first meeting of the lecture.

Permits for students needing both lecture and lab are determined at the start of the first meeting of a lab section and students will be offered the lab station of an absent student (unless the absence was excused in advance by the instructor). A student who is able to enroll into a lab section during the first week is also given a permit to enroll into an open lecture section which best fits his or her schedule. Seats are offered first to students not enrolled in the course in the order from the Wait List then to enrolled students wishing to change sections. for students changing sections, priority is given to students enrolled in a lab section meeting later in the week, and then to students currently enrolled in a section of the lab which met earlier during th week. All changes must be done through the Chemistry Office.

If a lecture instructor of a closed section decides to allow additional enrollments during the first week of classes, the order of priority is: 1) students newly enrolled in lab, 2) students needing or wanting to change enrollement to that section. These permits are issued solely at the direction of the instructor.