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Department Wait List Policies

A student cannot put his or her name on a wait list before his or her registration windows open:

Wait Lists are maintained to best use our resources, especially to fully enroll in our labs. When there are multiple lecture or laboratory sections in the same semester, registration in these are balanced for better enrollment and class operation. While seats remain in one or more sections, students are advised to adjust their schedules to accommodate enrollment in these sections. Those who need a seat in a full section when another is open should monitor EBRUNO for openings and enroll when one appears.

Wait Lists are generally not opened until the department closes the sections of a course, which is done when all sections are full and there is further demand for the class. Wait Lists are available sooner for students enrolled in a prerequisite at another school since they cannot enroll in the UNO class until they have shown evidence of passing (C or better) to the office, even when seats are available and their enrollment window opens.

If EBRUNO shows "Closed by Department" for a course in which you wish to enroll, go to Durham Science Center Rm 337 or phone (402) 554-2651 to add your name, contact information, and section needs to the lecture-laboratory wait list for that course.

After Sections are Closed by the Department and a Wait List is Started

As spaces open in a given class, the chemistry office will contact students not currently enrolled in any section to offer permits for lecture and lab openings. Students can decline the offer without losing their wait list priority.

No permits will be issued to students enrolled in one section and needing or desiring another. It is a mistake to register in a lab or lecture which does not fit your schedule just to reserve a spot in the other. The registration does you no good and prevents another student from registering. (It is unethical to register for a course to retain a spot for someone else. Any instance of this known to us is reported for academic integrity action.)

During the First Week of Classes

Students wanting to add or change enrollment during the first week should attend both the lecture and the laboratory meetings of the sections they want to add.

Students present at the start of the first meeting of a lab section will be offered the lab station of an absent student first (unless the absence was excused in advance by the instructor). The seat will be offered first to students with no enrollment in the order of the wait list, then to students enrolled in a later section in order of the wait list, and then to students enrolled in a previous section in order of the wait list. Students with a lab enrollment the first week have priority for lecture enrollment in the lecture sections which fit their schedule.

After accomodating students newly enrolled in lab, if a lecture instructor of a closed section allows additional enrollments during the first week of classes, students needing or wanting to change enrollment to that section may be given permits as decided by the instructor.