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An Explanation of CDT Test Scores

1, 2, and 3 Rankings

Chemistry is a difficult subject for many students. One reason for lower grades is student weaknesses in basic mathematics and general science. To identify such students before they enroll in General Chemistry I (CHEM 1180), the university offers a Chemistry Diagnostic Test (CDT) which is made available on a routine basis through the UNO Testing Center.

It should be noted that to enroll into any Chemistry course (excluding Chem 1120), a student must have fully completed Intermediate Algebra (Math 1310) or a higher math course such as Calculus I with a "C" or better; although not required, completion of College Algebra (Math 1320) is preferred.

Restrictions and recommendations for each of the three CDT report scores are:

  1. A CDT ranking of "1" indicates a deficiency in fundamental mathematics and science skills. This correlates to a poor chance of passing General Chemistry I (CHEM1180); thus, students are not permitted enrollment into CHEM1180 until completing a 'fundamentals class' in chemistry. The appropriate courses to take are CHEM1140 and its lab, Chem 1144.

  2. A CDT ranking of "2" indicates marginal preparation for CHEM1180 and the potential to fail the course. Enrollment in CHEM1140 with its lab, Chem 1144, is recommended; particularly if your academic program requires more than one semester of General Chemistry. As an alternative to Chem 1140/1144, students with some background knowledge in chemistry may wish to consider Chem 1120 which focuses on 'chemical' problem solving within Chemistry. Students who chose to take CHEM1180 are advised to apply themselves diligently from the start of the course. Before proceeding with enrollement, students should consult with their advisort for the appropriate option.

  3. A CDT ranking of "3" indicates the student has the ability to pass CHEM1180. Success in chemistry requires consistent study of more than two hours outside class for every hour of class time. Students should leave enough time in their schedule of academic, employment, and personal commitments to study in order to develop a sound understanding of chemistry.

CDT Testing Dates