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Chemistry Diagnostic Test

Chemistry Diagnostic Test (CDT)*

The CDT tests knowledge, application, and evaluation skills from a student's prior study of chemistry; usually a one-year course taken while in high school. This makes for any test preparation difficult, yet this test is not meant to be difficult. The CDT is purposely designed to identify students at risk, not to differentiate between students who will get a 'C' or better. This preview is offered to those who may still be concerned.

Test items are categorized as structure, properties, chemical quantities, phases, quantitative concentration problems, solutions, and mathematics:

  • Structure includes atomic and molecular structures.
  • Properties includes periodic properties of atoms and elements, and also chemical reactions.
  • Chemical Quantities include molar relations derived from formulas and balanced chemical equations.
  • Phases include microscopic behavior and interpretation of the kinetic molecular theory and intermolecular attractions.
  • Quantitative Concentration Problems include the amount (molarity) and mass (ppm) units.
  • Solution items with qualitative and quantitative aspects to include: solubility, rate of reaction, and equilibrium expressions.
  • Practical mathematics items include proportionality with one variable and more than one, significant figures, identification of a substance by reference to a table of properties, graphing, and evaluation of complex mathematical expressions.
  • Registration for the Chemistry Diagnostic Test (CDT) is done through the UNO Testing Center's Website. If you have not set up a user account on their website, you will need to do so prior to registering for the CDT exam. Click *HERE* to go to the UNO Testing Center's website to begin the registration process.

    What Your CDT Test Score Means

    CDT Testing Dates

    *Summer students in a degree program out of state, entering college students living more than 100 miles from UNO, students with a prior Bachelor degree in any area, and students who report any Advanced Placement (AP) test score are excused from the requirement to take the CDT. Please contact the Chemistry Office should you find yourself in one of these situations.