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Chemistry Scholarships
Chemistry Scholarships

Scholarships And Awards

   The UNO Department of Chemistry is very fortunate to have a large number of benefactors who have made very generous donations to chemistry scholarship funds. These donors support 12 different chemistry funds, 10 of which directly aid students in their efforts to pay for their college degree. Over $10,000 was awarded to students for the 2012-2013 academic year.

   It is unusual for a department as small as ours to offer so many scholarships. As you look over the scholarship information, I invite you to apply for any scholarship for which you meet the criteria and think about the generosity of those who have donated to provide for your benefit.

Next round of applications to be accepted after Dec. 2013.


Summary of Available Scholarships for Chemistry Majors

A Behind the Scenes Look at the Chemistry Scholarships


Chemistry Awards

Chemistry Awards to be Determined by UNO Chemstry Faculty

Next Awards Banquet to be Held Wednesday, April 30th. For more information click here.



2013-2014 Scholarship Awardees

Dr. Fred W. Upson Grant-in-Aid - Andrew Neville

Nell Ward Memorial Scholarship- Nicole Nieves

William and Margaret March Scholarlship in Memory of Ward - Tran Nguyen

Dr. and Mrs. Tim D. Leon Scholarship in Memory of Ward - Maggie Egan

Walter W. & Mittie W. Linstromberg Scholarship in Chemistry - Derek Leas

James K. and Kathleen Wood Scholarship - Derek Leas

Gilbert M. Hitchcock Memorial Scholarship- Michelle Follis

Lillian and William Campen Scholarship Fund - Ku'ulei Hose and Jacob Robinson

Jerome Talent Scholarship - Rachel Eastman


2012-2013 Award Recipients


General Chemistry:

General Chemistry CRC Book Award(for majors) - Brandon Heuerman

General Chemistry Chem Club Award - Yasmine Farhat and Kristyn Hill

Organic Chemistry:

Organic - Polymers Award(for majors) - John Riley III

Organic Award - Mitchel Chlopek

Inorganic Award - Tina Nieves

Biochemistry Award - Brady Sillman

Outstanding Chemistry Student (Doris Johnson Award Receipient) - Rachel Bailey

Service Recognition:

Erika Crawford

Jon Paul

Derek Leas

Maggie Bartlett

Nhi Tran

Sarah Ehlers

Rachel Bailey

Kaitlyn Bergman

Sam Kissner

Logan Franck

Tina Nieves

Nguyen Nguyen

Dan Arkfeld

Sara Dinverno

Suzy Grotelushen

Charles May