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who is my adviser?

Whether registering for your first semester or preparing for graduation, advisers can help you find the CFAM program and courses that fit your needs.

CFAM Advisers

New, Transfer and TRUNO (UNO transfer) students:

Freshman Students
Michelle Lyles
(402) 554.2238, WFAB 311

Transfer Students
Bobby Loud
(402) 554.3244, WFAB 309

Current CFAM Students

Art & Art History

Studio Art, K-12
Shari Hofschire
(402) 554.2402, WFAB 328

Art History
Students with last names A-K
Amy Morris
(402) 554.3761, WFAB 325

Students with last names L-Z
Adrian Duran
(402) 554.2420, WFAB 315

2D Studio
Painting, Drawing, Printmaking
Barb Simcoe
(402) 554.2392, WFAB 330

3D Studio
Sculpture, Ceramics, Book Arts
David Helm
(402) 554.2207, WFAB 307

Media Arts
Russ Nordman
(402) 554.3757, WFAB 111

Graphic Design
Avery Mazor
(402) 554.3764, WFAB 211


Journalism and Broadcasting*

Jeremy Lipschultz
(402) 203.7247, ASH 107K

Karen Weber
(402) 554.2246, ASH 105

Sherrie Wilson
(402) 554.3677, ASH 140D

*Other full-time faculty members in the School of Communication will also take adivsing appointments. Available advising times are posted on their office doors. Refer to for a list of all faculty and office hours.

Speech Communication
Speech Communication majors must be assigned to a faculty adviser. Contact (402) 554.2600 for more information.

Shellie Harden
(402) 554.2177, SPAC 208

Sharon Sobel
(402) 554.3630, WFAB 322

Writer's Workshop
Anna Monardo
(402) 554.2960, WFAB 219