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registration information.

Register for classes anytime after your assigned registration day and time.

  • Login to E-BRUNO for students.
  • Click on “Scan course listings/Web registration.”
  • READ THE PARAGRAPH and click “I Understand.”
  • In the location bar choose the “subject area” under which your desired class is listed. You may also use “time”, “type” or “location” to limit your search further. 
  • Click “GO” to see a list of classes, the days and times they are offered and number of seats still available.
  • When you find the class you want to take, click "Add to cart." Classes in your cart will be listed at the bottom of the screen – you may only add six (6) classes at one time. If you need more than that, you’ll have to repeat the process to pick up your other classes.
  • After you have added all of your classes, click on “check out.”
  • You will see a screen that lists your classes. Select “click here to register for these classes.”
  • Make sure that you look to see that they all say “enrolled”. If not, then you ARE NOT registered for that class. Also, check to see that you are registered for the correct number of hours.
  • Print your schedule.

NOTE: Some courses may require an authorization or permission before registration. You will have to obtain written permission from the instructor and have your adviser authorize or permit you into these courses. This DOES NOT register you for the class, it only means you are able to proceed with registration. Your adviser WILL NOT enroll you for the class. YOU must actually register for the class through your E-BRUNO account.