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registration information.

Once you have been admitted and receive your student identification number, register for classes by logging onto MavLink. Check for advising holds, or find your registration day and time.

  • MavLink can be accessed directly at

  • Enter your 8-digit UNO student ID number and TrueYou password.

    • Your TrueYou password was created in your online UNO application materials. You can get password reminders or reset your password at head to

  • Under the main "bullseye" menu, select "messages" tab.

  • At right, under "view" menu, click "registration times details."

  • Select the appropriate semester and click "continue." You will see your specific registration date and time.

    • You are able to add courses to your shopping cart prior to your enrollment date. These courses will stay in your cart until you remove them or are abe to "check out " on your enrollment date.

      • Adding a class to your shopping cart does not officially enroll you in the course. You must "check out" to fully enroll (see below).

You might have an advising flag or hold on your account if you are a freshman, recent transfer student or on academic probation. You may have other holds for things like parking tickets or late tuition fees. You will not be able to register until you clear up your holds. Locate your advising flags or holds and contact the appropriate office(s) to clear them.

Register anytime after your assigned registration day and time.

  • Login to MavLink.

  • At right, under "manage" menu, select "enroll for classes."

  • Select the appropriate semester and click "continue."

  • Toward the top left of the page, click "class search" tab.

  • Select the appropriate semester under the "term" drop down menu.

  • Enter at least two criteria under the "class search" drop down menus to search for appropriate classes.

    • If you have a specific course in mind, select the course subject, leave course number drop down menu at "is exactly" and type in the course number. Click "search." (For example, for SPCH 1110, you would select "Speech" for course subject and type "1110" for the course number.

  • Once your search results are generated, you can click "section" under a course title for more information about the course, or click the "select class" button at right.

    • The "select class" button also appears under a course's section information. If you'd like to exit section information without selecting a course, click "return to search results" button. DO NOT use your browser's back button, as you will lose your previous search terms and have to re-enter them.

  • After you've clicked "select class," you are given the option to go on a waitlist if the course is already at maximum enrollment or to enter a permission number (permission numbers vary by course and may not be necessary; if you need a permission number, ask your adviser). If no permission number is required, click "next" to add the course your shopping cart.

    • You will see a green bar indicating the course is now in your shopping cart.

  • You can continue adding courses by clicking the "new search" button.

  • To finalize your course enrollment, click the "enroll" tab at the top of the page.

  • Select the appropriate semester.

  • Under the courses listed in your shopping cart, select "proceed to step 2 of 3."

  • Click "finish enrolling."