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cfam mission and vision statements.

cfam mission.

The College of Communication, Fine Arts and Media is united by its common conviction that imagination and human communication are inseparable aspects of the same intellectual process. Through traditional and innovative teaching and the use of emerging technologies the college promotes learning, research, scholarship, creative activity, and service to the profession and to broader community in all aspects of human communication.

Central to the College's educational mission is the instruction of students in the essential, practical and theoretical knowledge that they will need to succeed in their chosen disciplines. The College is equally committed through its diverse outreach activities to the engagement of a broader constituency. The College makes important contributions to the cultural growth and well being of the people of the region and prepares students to participate in a global community.

cfam vision.

The College of Communication, Fine Arts and Media responds to rapidly changing developments in the arts, communication, media and technology. The College maintains its foundation in the liberal arts. The University of Nebraska at Omaha and the larger community are best served by a diverse academic body that uses its liberal arts roots in order to understand and engage with the new world of interactive media, the power of communication, and traditional and new ways of artistic expression. The College is committed to educating scholars, artists, and citizens who will contribute to the world in its understanding and appreciation of the arts, culture, and humanity.