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starting the process.

  • Depending on the time of year, it might take a few days or weeks before we areable to schedule an appointment with a prospective student (October/November & March/April are our heavy advising months).
  • What to bring:
    • A list of questions you have, something to write with and on,
      Freshmen: AP scores, ACT scores,
      Transfer students: Transcripts with course #’s & grades (unofficial ones are fine), syllabi from previous courses may be requested.

required tests.

  • MPE - Math placement is required unless student has passed Intermediate Algebra or above, or has an ACT Math subscore of 19 or above (good for 5 years)
  • EPPE - English placement is required unless a student has passed English Composition at another institution
  • PPST – required before K-12 students can enter the Teacher Prep Program.

transfer students.

cfam transfer requirements.

  • Minimum GPA to transfer into CFAM = 2.25
  • To be admitted to the Teacher Prep program (for K-12 students) = 2.5
  • To take upper level journalism/broadcasting/speech comm. classes = 2.25
  • We will ONLY accept grades of C- or better for transfer credit

maximum hours you may take in your major.

  • Fine arts limits the number of credit hours taken in the major to 87,

communication limits it to 45

  • Communication limits the # of hours one can take in any one discipline to count towards humanities, social science & natural science requirements
  • CFAM does not use MCC Human Relations OR Micro-computer fundamentals courses towards anything but elective credit
  • UNO can accept ONLY 96 quarter/64 semester hours from a 2-year school

courses not to take prior to admitting.
Upper level courses in the major – it is best to check with Katie Cameron or Chantel Crockett to see if an upper level (3000/4000 level course) will transfer as a major course.

applying to uno/cfam.

On the UNO undergraduate application:

  • Select the College of Communication, Fine Arts & Media
  • Choose a major OR the undecided option
  • Students interested in Visual Technology (graphic arts, electronic imaging, photography & digital cinema), should select STUDIO ART as their major


after you are admitted to uno.

ALL students admitted to CFAM are required to do the following:

  1. Attend a New Student Orientation session (FALL admits only are required)*
  2. Take placement exams (if required)*
  3. Submit immunization records to student health*
  4. Meet with an adviser to register for classes  - group advising for fall semester**, individual advising the remainder of the year
  5. Audition (Music* & Theatre majors ONLY)

*       Must be completed before registering for classes with an adviser
**      Although the first advising session for fall is done in groups of up to 8 students,
we are usually available to meet one-on-one, as needed, with our students.

about academic advising

Incoming freshmen and transfer students MUST meet with one of the following advisers:
Michelle Lyles, 402-554-2238,

Chantel Asselin Dunn, 402-554-3244,

Shellie Harden, 402-554-2177,

NOTE: New students meet with their respective “incoming” adviser two times before moving on to a faculty adviser in their area of study. Students meet with the faculty
adviser for the remainder of their time in CFAM.

advising flags/holds.

Students with advising holds MUST meet with an adviser before registering.
The following students are required to meet with an adviser:

  • Incoming students (freshmen & transfers)
  • Theatre, broadcasting, journalism & speech comm. majors
  • All seniors with 91+ credit hours (required to complete a senior check with the dean’s office)
  • Students on probation & coming off suspension - probationary students are required an additional meeting with the dean’s office adviser each semester they are on probation.

college gatherings & meetings.

  • 101 SESSIONS - Incoming students for fall semester are highly encouraged to attend these welcome sessions which are designed to acquaint them with their school or department. They will meet faculty, staff & current students and learn about courses, extracurricular activities and a plethora of other useful information.
  • HONORS PROGRAM - students admitted to the honors program should meet with a CFAM Honors Program representative to go over guidelines.
  • STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS - Various CFAM student organizations meet regularly, on and off campus
  • MAJORS - Theatre & Music majors have courses that requires them to meet together weekly

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