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for the parents.

transitions can be tough.

Whether your son or daughter is attending college for the first time or transferring to UNO from another institution, changes are eminent. While we understand your desire to support and assist him or her with the transition to UNO, we see this as a time for students to begin their journey into adulthood. We encourage independence and self-sufficiency and ask that you support your son or daughter by allowing and encouraging them to contact advisers and faculty, ask important questions, and gather information on their own.  While your child will naturally need and welcome your guidance throughout their college career, we believe the student will learn a great deal by completing these tasks alone.


As student service professionals, we are bound by the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) which prohibits us from giving out academic information about your student to anyone but them. Please understand if we refuse to disclose information to you.

We do appreciate your dedication and support and will do everything possible to assure you that your son or daughter will be well cared for in our College.

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