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for staff.

Guidelines for directing students to the correct people . . .


Change of Academic Program form
USED FOR: Changing/adding degree, major, minor, concentration
Who signs? Student must make an appointment with Chantel Asselin Dunn (554-3244) to have this signed & go over program information.


Change of Grade form
Who signs? Faculty member & Chantel Asselin Dunn (554-3244) sign for the Dean.
IMPORTANT: Students SHOULD NOT have access to this form.


NCAA monitor form (athletes)
Student should drop off form – must leave it for 24 hours even if it dropped off ON the deadline. We will post the completed form on our door in an envelope.


Drop/Add slips
Withdrawing from classes - Used ONLY after the withdraw-by date each semester.
Who signs? The Faculty member & Dean of student’s college (Chantel Asselin Dunn for CFAM).

Adding classes – for use ONLY after the 25% tuition refund period has ended.
Who signs? The faculty member & Dean of the student’s college (Chantel Asselin Dunn for CFAM).



Advising appointments
Students must make an appointment at least 24 hours in advance to meet with Chantel Asselin Dunn (554-3244). Walk-ins are discouraged.

Advising flag removal (COMM only)
When removing advising flags (only AFTER a student has met with an adviser), please check 1BF on SIS to make sure there is not a note requiring them to see Chantel for any reason before the flag should be removed.


Program Abbreviations for Change of College