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College of Communication, Fine Arts and Media Committees 2012-2013

Executive Committee                                   
Gail Baker, Dean
James Adams, UNO Television
Melissa Berke, Music
Robert Carlson, Art & Art History
Karen Dwyer, Communication
Arthur Homer, Writer’s Workshop
Robert Franklin, Dean's Office
Scott Glasser, Theatre
Jeremy Lipschultz, Communication
Michael Hilt, Associate Dean (ex officio)

Faculty Personnel Committee   

Committee Member(s)                  
Wanda Ewing, Art & Art History (2012-13)
Bonnie O'Connell, Art & Art History (2013-14)
Christine Beard, Music (2012-13)
Miles Waggener, Writer’s Workshop (2011-12)
Douglas Paterson, Theatre (2011-12)
Hugh Reilly, Communication (2012-13)
Thomas Roland, Music (2011-12)
Shereen Bingham, Communication (2013-14)
Ex-officio, Robert Carlson, Dean's Liason
*Term expires at end of academic year indicated.

Educational Policy Committee
Avery Mazor, Art & Art History (2011-2012)
Jerilyn Kamm, Communication (2012-13)
James Saker, Music (2012-13)
Sharon Sobel, Theatre (2011-12)
Lisa Sandlin, Writer’s Workshop (2013-14)
Ex-officio, Chantel Crockett, Dean's Liaison

*Term expires at end of academic year indicated.

Technology Committee
Steven Williams, Theatre
Jeremy Baguyos, Music
Barbara Simcoe, Art & Art History
Adam Tyma, Communication
Miles Waggener, Writer’s Workshop
Frank Vacek, KVNO/UNO Television
Ex-officio, James Sewing
Ex-officio, Michael Hilt, Dean's Liaison

Cultural Enrichment Committee
Denise Brady, Art & Art History
Candace Berger, Student Representative
Kate Rempfer, Communication
Student Representative
Ken Bales, Music
Leanna Keith, Student Representative
Kathi Rowch, Media Operations
Steven Williams, Theatre
Steve Hartman, Student Representative
Miles Waggener, Writer’s Workshop
Chelsey Borchardt, Student Representative
Tatiana Eskridge, Student Governement Representative
*Term expires at end of academic year indicated.