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art history.

Art History is the study of visual objects made throughout history which are deemed historically, culturally and aesthetically important for understanding the human experience.  Art History attempts to grasp what a work of art means in its own time, place and culture, and why that importance continues. Knowledge of the history and critical theory of art is a vitally important part of any art student’s education. Art History courses at UNO teach students about notable artists and artworks within a variety of contexts - aesthetic, cultural, technological, social, political, economic & religious.

The Bachelor of Arts in Art History provides a thorough investigation of the history of art as a humanistic discipline and prepares the student either for additional post-graduate study and research or to enter the fields of Museum Studies or Arts Administration. 

art history curriculum.
Core courses
Foundation Drawing Design 2-D & 3-D
Survey of Western Art History I & II
Art History Seminar
Introduction to Methodology

Art History Courses
The curriculum offers courses in most of the major historical periods and in non-western art. 

  • Ancient
    •    Ancient Art History
         Classical Art History
         Women in Ancient/Medieval Art
  • Medieval
    •    Late Roman & Byzantine
         Early Medieval
         Late Medieval
  • Renaissance/Baroque
    •    Northern European Renaissance
         Italian Renaissance
  • American 19th Century
    •    American
         Modern I
  • Modern
    •    Art & Feminism Since 1800
         Modern II
  • Architecture
    •    History of Architecture I
         History of Architecture II
  • Ethnic
    •    Cross-Cultural Survey
         Art of India & South East Asia

Option A: Graduate Study Path
In addition to the Art & Art History Core, students choose three Art History or Studio Art electives and complete a thesis.

Option B: Museum Studies/Arts Adminstration Path
In addition to the Art & Art History Core, students will take coursework offered through the American Humanics Certificate Program and a directed internship at a regional arts institution or museum.

Required coursework:
      Non-profit Organizations and Management
      Non-profit Resource Development

Students choose one of the following courses:
     Managerial Communications
      Marketing in Public, Non-profit
           & Aviation Organizations
      Community Organizing & Social Change
      Techniques/Topics in Non-profit Management

Minimum Credit Hour Requirement
The total minimum number of hours required for a Bachelor of Arts in Art History is 125 credit hours. This includes academic core as well as Art and Art History coursework.

Minor in Art History
A minor in Art History can be fulfilled by completing at least 18 credit hours of coursework in Art History.

Preparing for Graduate Study
Students considering graduate study in Art History benefit from internships in the UNO slide library and similar opportunities at museums and galleries in the Omaha area. To add to their on-campus experience, they often study abroad for a semester. Art History majors have gone on to study in graduate programs at Bryn Mawr College, Kansas State University at Emporia, and the Universities of Georgia, Indiana, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Nebraska-Lincoln. They have subsequently pursued careers as museum directors, curators, registrars, librarians and art educators in colleges and universities. Other career opportunities open to Art History majors include arts and the law, art therapy, philanthropy in the arts, commercial art dealership and related professions.

A faculty of regionally and nationally recognized artists, educators, and scholars teach an innovative curriculum in state-of-the-art facilities. They provide the supportive atmosphere students need to develop creative accomplishments and academic success. Faculty are eager to help all students, whether studying art for personal growth and enjoyment, or considering a career in the arts or graduate study.

Dr. James Czarnecki, Research: Early Italian Renaissance Painting
Teaching areas: European Renaissance and Baroque Art; the Arts of Asia; History of Architecture

Dr. Daniel A. Siedell, Research: Abstract Expressionism, history and theory of art criticism, religion and spirituality in contemporary artistic practice, and curatorial practice
Teaching areas: Modern, Contemporary

Dr. Joanne Sowell, Research: Medieval architectural history, pedagogy of art history, Art education
Teaching areas:  Ancient and Medieval, Cross-Cultural Art


UNO Department of Art & Art History
Department Chair, Robert Carlson

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