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academic amnesty policy.

A student enrolled in the College of Communication, Fine Arts and Media may request to have one or two semesters (taken at UNO, UNL &/or UNK) removed from their cumulative grade point average and degree consideration by petitioning for academic amnesty in the CFAM Dean’s office (WFAB 327).

  • The student must be at least two years removed from the semester(s) to be considered for academic amnesty.
  • Petitioning students must have completed 24 credit hours of successful coursework with a minimum grade point average of 2.5 since the amnesty period at UNO, UNL or UNK.
  • Removal of GPA computation shall be by entire semester(s).
  • Students who are granted academic amnesty will not be considered for degrees with academic honors.
  • Complete an Academic Amnesty Petition (pdf).

Names of petitioners will be forwarded to the CFAM Educational Policy Committee for approval and then to the Dean’s office for final action.There shall be no physical obliteration of any part of the student’s record. Academic amnesty is not allowed after a student has graduated.