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advising thompson & goodrich scholars.

Goodrich and Thompson Program Curriculm (pdf)

Advising First-Year Thompson Scholars

The Thompson Scholars are coded in SIS as "TS" on screen 111.  All Thompson Learning Community classes have been coded for TS as well.

All first-year Thompson Scholars must enroll in one of the following courses of English 1200: Autobiographical Reading and Writing:

Additionally, first-year Thompson Scholars must enroll in only one of the folowing:

  • GEOG 1020
  • PSCI 1000
  • PSYC 1010
  • SPCH 1110

Sophomore, Junior, or Senior Thompson Scholars, do not have any course requirements.  If one of these upperclass students expresses an interest in taking one of these learning community classes, please send their information to Kellie Pickett, 554-


Advising Goodrich Scholars