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Graduate Certificate in Public Management

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frequently asked questions.

1. Who should apply?

This certificate is intended for working professionals with careers in the public sector or graduate students in a related field of study who seek to expand their knowledge and skills in public management.

2. What are the benefits of earning a graduate certificate?

First, completing the proposed graduate certificate will enhance skills and provide exposure to the theory and practice of managing public organizations. Second, the certificate will allow those students who already have a career in the public sector to work towards a professional certificate without having to complete a full master’s degree in public administration (MPA). Third, the certificate allows those students who are already admitted into a graduate degree program in a related field to expand their knowledge base to public sector management.

3. How are the courses delivered?

All certificate courses are offered in Omaha, Lincoln and online. UNO’s School of Public Administration is a national leader in online graduate education, having offered the accredited, nationally-ranked MPA online since 2000. Courses are taught by full-time faculty with extensive experience both as scholars and practitioners.

4. How long will it take to complete the Certificate?

Students can choose their pace. In Omaha, the certificate could be completed as quickly as two semesters. Online and in Lincoln, at least one course will be offered each semester, so the certificate could be completed as quickly as five semesters.

5. Will the course work completed towards the graduate certificate apply towards the MPA Program?

Yes. Certificate students would still be required to complete a separate application for admission to the MPA Program. This means students would need to complete the MPA Application, complete the GRE exam, and apply to UNO Graduate Studies. No application fee is necessary. Faculty will review the applications with all other MPA applications following the application deadlines (June 1 and October 1). If admitted, course work completed towards the graduate certificate would apply towards the MPA Program.

6. What is the cost of taking courses for the graduate certificate?

For the 2011-2010 academic year, graduate tuition rate per credit is:

  • Resident/On-campus = $236.50
  • Non-resident/On-campus = $622.50
  • Resident/Online = $289.50
  • Non-resident/Online = $495.00

Other fees apply. To view the fees, please visit UNO’s Cashiering Office Web Site at:

7. Who issues the graduate certificate?

The graduate certificate is issued under the authority of the University of Nebraska at Omaha Graduate Studies Office.

8. What is the difference between the Graduate Certificate in Public Management and the Certified Public Management (CPM) Program?

The Graduate Certificate requires an undergraduate degree for application. The CPM program is open to all educational backgrounds and levels of experience. The Graduate Certificate provides in-depth exposure to theory and practice in five key areas of public management (e.g., public finance, human resource management). The CPM program is a comprehensive management development program that provides practical skills and knowledge across a broad range of responsibilities of public managers. See Comparison of the Graduate Certificate in Public Management with the Certified Public Manager Program.

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