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Graduate Certificate in Public Management

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The certificate program is focused on developing the key skills necessary to manage a public organization. The required courses provide students the foundational knowledge that public managers face in their daily responsibilities:

  • foundations of public management (PA 8050)
  • human resource management (PA 8410)
  • public financial management (PA 8480)
  • organizational issues (PA 8090)

The elective courses allow for some degree of specialization within the certificate:

  • information management (PA 8110)
  • ethical and leadership issues (PA 8470)
  • local government management (PA 8436)
  • public works (PA 8420)

Structure of the Certificate

The Certificate in Public Management consists of four required courses (12 credits) and one elective (three credits) for a total of 15 credit hours.

Note: Click on a course name to view a sample syllabi, if available. Please note that these syllabi are generic and should not be considered the final syllabi for any specific term or section of this course. Contact the instructor with any questions.

Required courses (12 credits)
PA 8050 Public Administration and Democracy
PA 8410 Public Human Resource Management
PA 8090 Organization Theory and Behavior
PA 8480 Public Finance Administration

Elective Courses (Choose one/3 credits)
PA 8110 Management Information Systems
PA 8470 Administrative Ethics and Leadership
PA 8436 Municipal Administration
PA 8420 Public Works Administration

Students who complete the certificate online come to Omaha for a one-day intensive session during the semester in which they begin the program.

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Academic Program Coordinator
Phone: 402-554-3480

Or the MPA Program Director
Carol Ebdon, Ph.D.