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Consortium for Crime and Criminal Justice Research

Reports & Publications.

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Nebraska Sex Offender Registry Study: Final Report. 2013. For the Judiciary Committee of the Nebraska Legislature.

Nebraska Sex Offender Registry Study: Interim Report. 2012. For the Judiciary Committee of the Nebraska Legislature.

Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Grant, Nebraska Strategic Plan, 2012-2015. For the Nebraska Crime Commission.

Identification of ICWA Eligible Children and Compliance with ICWA Requirements: January 1, 2009 through June 30, 2011.

(2011) From Best Outcomes for Indian Children (Wisconsin), MCWIC implementation project. With Cynthia Parry.

Reporter Intake Satisfaction Survey Report. Indiana Department of Child Services: Centralized Intake Unit. (2011). From Centralized Intake Unit (Indiana), MCWIC implementation project.

Ohio Regional Forum Report. (2010). From Partners for Ohio's Families, MCWIC implementation project. With Michelle Graef.

Academic Publications

Spohn, Ryan E. and Spencer D. Wood. Forthcoming. "Spare the Rod, Endanger the Child? Strain, Race/Ethnicity, and Serious Delinquency." Journal of Ethnicity in Criminal Justice.

Zavala, Egbert and Ryan E. Spohn. 2013. "The Role of Vicarious and Anticipated Strain on the Overlap of Violent Perpetration and Victimization: A Test of General Strain Theory." American Journal of Criminal Justice. 38:119-140.

Spohn, Ryan E. 2012. "Delinquent Friends and Reactions to Strain: An Examination of Direct and Indirect Pathways." Western Criminology Review 13:16-36.

Spohn, Ryan E. and Don Kurtz. 2011 "Family Structure as a Social Context for Family Conflict: Unjust Strain and Serious Delinquency." Criminal Justice Review 36:332-356.

Zavala, Egbert and Ryan E. Spohn. 2010. "Emotional Abuse and Controlling Behaviors in Heterosexual Relationships: The Role of Employment and Alcohol Use for Women and Their Partners." Sociological Spectrum 30: 526-549.

Griffiths, Elizabeth, Robert D. Baller, Ryan E. Spohn, and Rosemary Gartner. 2008. "Is There Such a Thing as Defended Community Homicide? The Necessity of Methods of Triangulation." Victims and Offenders 3:228-244.

Kurtz, Don, Travis Linnemann, and Ryan E. Spohn. 2008. "Investigating Racial Disparity at the Detention Decision: The Role of Informal Control and Respectability." Southwest Journal of Criminal Justice. 5:140-157.

Fitzgerald, Scott F. and Ryan E. Spohn. 2005. "Pulpits and Platforms: The Role of the Church in Determining Protest among Black Americans." Social Forces 84:1015-1048. (Equal contribution)

Spohn, Ryan E. 2000. "Gender Differences in the Effects of Child Maltreatment on Criminal Activity over the Life Course." Pp. 207-231 in Families, Crime and Criminal Justice, Vol. 2, edited by G. L. Fox and M. L. Benson. New York: Elsevier Science.

Spohn, Ryan E. and Howard B. Kaplan. 2000. "Adolescent Substance Use and Adult Health Status: A Critical Analysis of a Problematic Relationship." Pp. 45-65 in Advances in Medical Sociology, Vol.7, edited by J. A. Levy, D. Stephens and D. McBride. Stamford, CT: JAI Press.