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FERPA and you

In accordance with the Federal Privacy Act, as well as University Policy, we will not knowingly release information about a student's account to anyone who is not the student. Parents, spouses or children of the student will not be given information without the written consent of the student. If you would like any information to be given to another party, please print out the request form and have it notarized. We have a notary in our building for your convenience. Then mail or deliver the original form to Cashiering - Eppley Administration Building room 109. We will then make a note on your account to release information to the person you list on the form.

Parents of Dual enrollment or Early Entrance students must have their son/daughter sign a Release of Information Form in order to receive information regarding their son/daughter's account. Although the University realizes that these students are generally under age 18, the FERPA laws pertain to all students attending classes at UNO.

Billing Due Dates

Fall 2015 Billing Dates

Billing Date
Payment Due Date
Amount Due
August 31, 2015
September 23, 2015
Balance Due

Spring 2016 Billing Dates

Billing Date
Payment Due Date
Amount Due
January 29, 2016
February 23, 2016
Balance Due


*Additional billings on unpaid balances will be sent monthly throughout the rest of the semester.

Late Payment Fees

Each unpaid billing is subject to late payment fees. A maximum of four late payment fees can be assessed during a single semester. If you have not received your billing statement within five working days of the billing date, please contact the Cashiering/Student Accounts Office, EAB 109, or call (402) 554-2324. Failure to receive a statement does not exempt you from making the required payment or from the assessment of Late Payment Fees. Changes to your course schedule will not prevent late payment fees from being assessed and we will not send an adjusted billing. You must inquire about billing changes prior to the billing due date.

Balances remaining outstanding beyond the second due date will result in the placement of a hold on the account. This hold will prevent future registration and receipt of transcripts. In addition, graduation and receipt of diploma may be held and check cashing privileges will be revoked until the balance is paid in full.

Late Payment Fee Amounts - Change Effective Fall 2015

Balances $1000.00 and over
Balances $100.00-$999.99




Payments by your company or agency

The company you work for can pay your account balance in three ways:

  • Employer Reimbursement Deferred Payment Plan (ERDPP)
  • If you are part of a tuition reimbursement program, you will be required to make your payment at the scheduled payment due date. Your company will then reimburse you, usually once you provide them with a copy of your account balance reflecting payment. You can access your bill on Mavlink. If you do not meet the scheduled due date, late payment fees will be assessed. Some companies require you to report grades prior to reimbursing you. Keep this in mind as you register for the semester and plan your financial obligations.

  • Your company may have a signed arrangement with UNO to bill them directly. Generally, you still need to submit a voucher to our office prior to the billing due date. This voucher gives us permission to bill your company directly. If you participate in a program such as this, you must be aware that you are giving us the authority to discuss specifics about your account balance with your employer. It is important to remember that if you receive a billing statement and you think your company is paying for your tuition, you must contact us. We try to have everything up to date prior to the billings being generated. If your balance does not reflect a credit paid for by your company, we may not have the proper paperwork. Contact us to be sure we have everything we need to bill your company. Late payment fees will be assessed on your account unless we have the correct paperwork or a payment from you.

  • AmeriCorps

    AmeriCorps engages people 17 and older in service to their communities. Most AmeriCorps members are selected by and serve with local and national organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Big Brother/Big Sisters, and the American Red Cross, to name a few.

    The AmeriCorps Education award is earned under the National and Community Service Trust Act of 1993. After successful completion of service, members are eligible for an AmeriCorps Education award that can be used:

    • To pay all or part of the "cost of attendance" to attend a qualified institution of higher education.
    • To repay outstanding student loans.

    For more information on AmeriCorps or National Service Trust click on the following link to

    The award can be used for any portion of the student's "cost of attendance" (as defined by the Department of Education and outlined in the Federal Student Financial Aid handbook) that is not already covered by other sources of financial assistance, such as scholarships, loans, grants and tuition and fee waivers. The amount of AmeriCorps award you receive will be affected by any other financial assistance you may be receiving.