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1098T NEWS - 1098T will be printed approximately by January 26th and will be in the mail by the following week. Students can view their 1098Ts online via mavlink. Please click here for instructions on how to view your 1098T online.

Please note: the Cashiering/Student Accounts staff are not tax advisors and therefore cannot provide any assistance on how to use this form. We can only provide you with information about what we are required to report on the 1098T. Please consult your tax preparer for any 1098T tax related questions.

If you do have questions with the information on your 1098T, please submit a request form and we will respond in a timely manner. Thank you!

For US Citizens, your SSN is required to process a 1098T. Please stop by the Registrar's office and show your SSN card to update our records. Reminder emails have been sent to the accounts of the students without a SSN on file. Non US citizens that have an Individual Taxpayer ID Number can also submit those to the Registrar's office and can be used to process a 1098T.

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WELCOME STUDENTS - Please review our Welcome email to get familiar with the Cashiering department and billing policies. Every enrolled student should receive this email in their UNO mailboxes during the first week of class. Have a great semester!

The Cashiering/Student Accounts office is committed to providing quality service to our customers. The responsibilities of the Cashiering/Student Accounts are:

-- Billing of student charges and accounts
-- Collecting of past due student accounts
-- Answering questions about items on student bills
-- Administering of Perkins Loans
-- Cashing personal checks
-- Purchase MAT bus tickets

Tuition Due Dates

Fall 2015 tuition due dates
Tuition and fees for the fall semester are due September 23, 2015. Ebills will be sent on August 31, 2015.

Summer 2015 tuition due dates
Tuition and fees for the summer semester are due May 23, 2015. Ebills will be sent on April 30, 2015.

Spring 2015 tuition due dates
Tuition and fees for the spring semester are due February 23, 2015. Ebills will be sent on January 30, 2015.

Late payment fees will be assessed if not received by this due date.

Pay Student Account Charges via credit card
Tuition and Housing bills can be paid online via Mavlink. Click on the link below to login to pay.
Due to regularly scheduled maintenance, we will be unable to accept credit card payments from midnight to 2:00pm on the third Sunday of each month.

Click Credit Card Authorization forms to retrieve a remittance form to mail in or bring to Cashiering EAB 109.
Please Note: Other payments via the web, please use the following links: Housing Deposit, Undergraduate Application Fee (for new students), Graduate Application Fee

credit card

(We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express)
Credit Card Security Policy

Eppley Administration Building, Suite 109
6001 Dodge Street
Omaha NE 68182-0292
402.554.2324 - Phone
402.554.3574 - Fax

Office hours:
Monday - Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm.