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College of Arts and Sciences
Arts and Sciences Hall

student research.



The College of Arts and Sciences supports research conducted by Arts and Sciences majors by providing limited funding for travel. Students interested in applying for funding, should complete this form and send it to the following address:

Dr. David Boocker, Dean
College of Arts and Sciences
Arts and Sciences Hall Room 280
University of Nebraska at Omaha

The dean will review all requests at the end of each month.



The College also provides support for Arts and Sciences students presenting their research at on-campus and off-campus conferences by offering free research poster printing.  

Posters should be submitted at least one business day in advance of need.  Posters must be submitted as email attachments through a UNO email account to .

Poster format should be Powerpoint or PDF.

Know what the poster size requirements are for your conference. We have poster paper available in 24", 36", and 42" widths. Plan your poster so that one dimension will match one of these sizes.  Specify in your email what the finished size of the poster should be.  

We do not provide backing, mounting, or laminating for your posters.  All posters are printed on matte heavyweight paper.

Please visit the following url for access to UNO logo files and a UNO Powerpoint template: