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faculty development fellowship.

The deadline for submission of applications for the 2015-2016 academic year is September 12, 2014.

Faculty who have completed six years of full-time service at any academic rank are eligible to compete for an award of Faculty Development Fellowship either for a full year at half pay and full benefits or for a half year at full pay and full benefits. Each six-year period of full-time service shall renew eligibility to apply for a Faculty Development Fellowship. ( Section, Agreement between Regents and UNO/AAUP)

Each year the Office of Academic Affairs will prepare a list for each college of all faculty eligible to compete for award of FDF. Each applicant must submit a written proposal to his or her department chairperson/school director. The dean and the Arts and Sciences Advisory Committee will review the FDF applications.  The dean will prepare a recommendation to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs which ranks the applications in priority order. ( Additional Guidelines Approved by Academic Affairs 1/10/94)

College Requirements

These requirements have been laid out by the College of Arts & Sciences Dean's Advisory Committee (CAS‐AC) as a means to facilitate the preparation of submissions by faculty AND the review of those same submissions by CAS‐AC. University of Nebraska‐AAUP agreement on FDF awards can be found on the UNO Academic Affairs website. Nothing in these guidelines should be taken as superseding or contradicting that agreement. CAS‐AC also notes that the number of applications may exceed the number of awards that can be made. Adherence to these requirements does not guarantee that a faculty member will be granted an FDF.

1.  Current CV

2.  Recommendation of department chair

3.  UNO Faculty Development Fellowship Application (Save form to your computer before attempting to complete.)

Your response to Item 8 on the UNO form should not exceed 2200 words. Wordcount should be indicated at the end of the application.
To maximize the accessibility of your application to the reviewers, please organize your responses to Item 8 according to the section outline provided below:

A. (ITEM 8.a.) Describe in detail the professional development activities you wish to pursue during the leave period.

  1. Abstract(s) of project(s)
  2. Description of progress to date
  3. Description of collaborations (if applicable; supporting documentation required in Appendix)
  4. Timeline to completion
  5. Dissemination plan
  6. Description of how the project will contribute to current scholarly debates
  7. List of previous FDF awards and related scholarly outcomes (most recent to oldest) OR a statement that this is your first FDF request

B. (ITEM 8.b.) State how both you and the University will benefit from receiving this leave.

  1. Description of how the FDF will enhance your teaching
  2. Description of how the FDF will enhance your long-term research agenda

 APPENDIX (not to be included in wordcount): Supporting documentation of plan for collaboration (i.e., letters from collaborators describing their support of the proposed work)

4.Full year FDF request for travel funding (Save form to your computer before attempting to complete.)


FDF Instructions to Department Chairs

  1. Evaluate the proposal and recommend approval/disapproval.
  2. Include a statement on how the department plans to resolve possible hardships that might occur to students as a result of the applicant's absence.
  3. Rank order applications if your department has more than one FDF application in a given year.
  4. Forward application and recommendation to the college.