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College of Arts and Sciences

educational policy committee minutes.

Minutes for 2012-2013


September 14, 2012

October 12, 2012

November 9, 2012

February 8, 2013

March 8, 2013

April 12, 2013

April 26, 2013


Proposals approved by EPC for 2012-2013 AY

ANTH 1050 Intro to Anthropology
ANTH 3920 Essentials of Archaeology
BLST 1400 Issues in Black Communities
BLST 2100 Black American Culture
BLST 2210 The Black Family in the United States
CHEM 1010 Chemistry in the Environment and Society
CHEM 1140 Fundamentals of College Chemistry
CHEM 1180 General Chemistry I
CHEM 1184 General Chemistry I Lab
ENGL 2110 Introduction to Creative Nonfiction Writing
FLNG 1010 Elementary Portuguese
GEOG 3000 Travel Study in Geography
HIST 2980 Historical Methodology
HIST 4990 Senior Seminar
HIST 8010 Research Directed Readings Project
HIST 8030 Graduate Historical Methodology
HIST 9200 Colloquium
INST 2130 International Studies
MATH 1000 Pre-Intermediate Algebra
MATH 1940 Calculus for Biomedicine
NEUR 4330/8336 Social Neuroscience
NEUR 4870 Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology
PHIL 1010 Intro to Philosophy
PHIL 1020 Contemporary Moral Problems
PHIL 1210 Critical Reasoning
PHIL 2030 Intro to Ethics
PHIL 3040 Philosophy of Law
PHIL 3490 Gender and Philosophy
PHIL 4000 Advanced Philosophy Writing Seminar
PHYS 1030 Physics of Everyday Life
PHYS 1034 Physics of Everyday Life Lab
PHYS 1050 Introduction to Physics
PHYS 1054 Intro to Physics Lab
PHYS 1110 General Physics
PHYS 1154 General Physics Lab
PHYS 1350 Introduction to Astronomy
PHYS 2110 General Physics 1 - Calculus Level
PHYS 2350 Special Topics in Astronomy: Observational Astronomy
PHYS 4300/8306 General Relativity
PSCI 1000 Intro to Political Science
PSCI 1100 Intro to American National Government
PSCI 2120 Civic Leadership
PSCI 2210 Intro to International Relations
PSCI 2310 Introduction to Political Theory
PSCI 2500 Intro to Comparative Politics
PSCI 3100 LGBT Politics
PSCI 3130 Women and Politics
PSCI 3140 Latino/-a Politics
PSCI 3220/8225 International Organizations
PSCI 3230 Gender and Global Politics
PSCI 3500/8505 European Politics
PSCI 3640 Government and Politics of China and East Asia
PSCI 3660 Government and Politics of Japan and East Asia
PSCI 3680/8685 Latin American Politics
PSCI 3700 Government and Politics of the Middle East
PSCI 4140/8146 Constitutional Law: Civil Rights
PSCI 4200 International Relations of East Asia
PSCI 4210/8216 Intenational Relations of the Middle East
PSCI 4620/8626 Islam and Politics
PSCI 4810/8816 Politics and Film
PSYC 1010 Intro to Psychology
RELI 2120 Hindu Scriptures
RUSS 1110 Elementary Russian
SOC 1010 Intro to Sociology
SOC 2100 Social Problems
SOC 2150 Sociology of Families
SOC 3300 Sociology of Gender
SOC 3820 Medical Sociology
SOC 3900 Race and Ethnic Relations in the U.S.
SOC 4150 American Family Problems
SOC 4200 Sociology of the Body
SOC 4170/8176 Sociology of Fatherhood
SOC 4350/8356 Work & Family
SOC 4900 Senior Thesis
SOC 8050 Seminar on Teaching: Pedagogical Theory and Practice
WGST 2010 Intro to Women's and Gender Studies: Social and Behavioral Sciences
WGST 2020 Intro to Women's and Gender Studies: Humanities

Proposed changes to Political Science Major and Minor
Proposed Grade Appeal Policy Revision
MTCH added to the curriculum
45 hour rule for completion of Math General Ed Requirement
New HIST Masters requirements


(Please note that proposals most often require approval beyond EPC and may be edited or rejected in the process.)