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College of Arts and Sciences

syllabi archive.

Some of the syllabi presented here may be the current master syllabi for their respective courses, but, increasingly, the current master syllabi will be available only on the on-line Course Catalog Maintenance System (CCMS).  Please consult CCMS for the latest official syllabi:

Biology.. Black Studies.. Chemistry.. English.. Environmental Studies.. Foreign Languages.. Geography/Geology.. History.. Horticulture ..International Studies.. Latina/Latino Studies.. Mathematics.. Native American Studies.. Natural Sciences.. Philosophy.. Physics.. Political Science.. Psychology.. Religious Studies.. Social Science.. Sociology/Anthropology.. Women's Studies


BIOI-1000 2006   Introduction to Bioinformatics BIOI-1000-2006.pdf
BIOL-100 1972   Introduction to Careers in the Health Field BIOL-100-1972.pdf
BIOL-100L 1972   Introduction to Careers in the Health Field Volunteer Clinical Experience BIOL-100L-1980.pdf
BIOL-1010 2003   Introduction to Clinical Laboratory Science BIOL-1010-2003.pdf
BIOL-1020 2006   Principles of Biology BIOL-1020-2006.pdf
BIOL-1030 1975   Energy in Life BIOL-1030-1975.pdf
BIOL-1040 1997   Understanding Common Drugs BIOL-1040-1997.pdf
BIOL-1300 1989   Introduction to Horticulture BIOL-1300-1989.pdf
BIOL-1330 1980   Population, Resources and the Environment BIOL-1330-1980.pdf
BIOL-1450 1984   Biology I BIOL-1450-1984.pdf
BIOL-1730 1988   Introduction to Human Physiology BIOL-1730-1988.pdf
BIOL-1750 1984   Biology II BIOL-1750-1984.pdf
BIOL-2140 1987   Genetics BIOL-2140-1987.pdf
BIOL-2440 1971   The Biology of Microorganisms BIOL-2440-1971.pdf
BIOL-2740 1972   Physiology and Anatomy I BIOL-2740-1972.pdf
BIOL-2840 1972   Physiology and Anatomy II BIOL-2840-1972.pdf
BIOI-3000 2006   Applied Bioinformatics BIOI-3000-2006.pdf
BIOI-4860/8866 2006   Bioinformatics Algorithms BIOI-4860/8866-2006.pdf
BIOL-3010 1968   Undergraduate Seminar in Biology BIOL-3010-1968.pdf
BIOL-3020 1984   Molecular Biology of the Cell BIOL-3020-1984.pdf
BIOL-3100 1981   Invertebrate Paleontology BIOL-3100-1981.pdf
BIOL-310L 1981   Invertebrate Paleontology laboratory BIOL-310L-1981.pdf
BIOL-3150 1997   Writing & Communication in Bio Sciences BIOL-3150-1997.pdf
BIOL-3240 1984   Introduction to Immunology BIOL-3240-1984.pdf
BIOL-3340 1978   Ecology BIOL-3340-1978.pdf
BIOL-3530 1968   Flora of the Great Plains BIOL-3530-1968.pdf
BIOL-3630 1999   Plant Anatomy & Development BIOL-3630-1999.pdf
BIOL-3730 1968   Fauna of the Great Plains BIOL-3730-1968.pdf
BIOL-3740 1966   Histology BIOL-3740-1966.pdf
BIOL-3830 1983   Biology of Pathogenic Microorganisms BI0L-3830-1983.pdf
BIOL-3870 2004   Introduction to Bioinformatics BIOL-3870-2004.pdf
BIOL-4020 1966   Problems and Projects in Biology BIOL-4020-1966.pdf
BIOL-4030 1984   Special Topics in Biology BIOL-4030.1984.pdf
BIOL-4040 1984   Directed Readings in Biology BIOL-4040-1984.pdf
BIOL-4050 1984   Supervised Research in Biology BIOL-4050-1984.pdf
BIOL-4100 1984   Biogeography BIOL-4100-1984.pdf
BIOL-4120/8126 1996   Conservative Biology BIOL-4120-1996.pdf
BIOL-4130/8136 1995   Molecular Genetics BIOL-4130-1995.pdf
BIOL-4140 2005   Cellular Biology BIOL-4140-2005.pdf
BIOL-4180 1985   Limnology BIOL-4180-1985.pdf
BIOL-4210 1994   Fire Ecology BIOL-4210-1994.pdf
BIOL-4220 1985   Population Biology BIOL-4220-1985.pdf
BIOL-4230 2006   Organic Evolution BIOL-4230-2006.pdf
BIOL-4270 1978   Animal Behavior BIOL-4270-1978.pdf
BIOL-4280 1992   Laboratory Research in Biology: Animal Behavior BIOL-4280-1992.pdf
BIOL-4310 1984   Microcomputers in Biology BIOL-4310-1984.pdf
BIOL-4320 1984   Microcomputers in Biology Laboratory BIOL-4320-1984.pdf
BIOL-4330 1969   Bryology BIOL-4330-1969.pdf
BIOL-4340 1971   Ichthyology BIOL-4340-1971.pdf
BIOL-4350 1980   Lichenology BIOL-4350-1980.pdf
BIOL-4370 1980   Phycology BIOL-4370-1980.pdf
BIOL-4380 1984   Morphology of Non-Vascular Plants BIOL-4380-1984.pdf
BIOL-4390 1980   Vascular Plant Morphology BIOL-4390-1980.pdf
BIOL-4430 2001   Biology of Fungi BIOL-4430-2001.pdf
BIOL-4440 2005   Plant Physiology BIOL-4440-2005.pdf
BIOL-4450 1991   Virology BIOL-4450-1991.pdf
BIOL-4540 1998   Principles of Systematics BIOL-4540-1998.pdf
BIOL-4550 1991   Biotechnology Internship BIOL-4550-1991.pdf
BIOL-4570 2000   Paleobotany BIOL-4570-2000.pdf
BIOL-4610 1990   Environmental Field Methods BIOL-4610-1990.pdf
BIOL-4640/8646 1989   Microbial Physiology BIOL-4640/8646-1989.pdf
BIOL-4650 1997   Biochemistry I BIOL-4650-1997.pdf
BIOL-4654 1997   Biochemistry I Laboratory BIOL-4654-1997.pdf
BIOL-4660 1997   Biochemistry II BIOL-4660-1997.pdf
BIOL-4664 1997   Biochemistry II Laboratory BIOL-4664-1997.pdf
BIOL-4720 1987   Experimental Endocrinology BIOL-4720-1987.pdf
BIOL-4730 1987   Endocrinology BIOL-4730-1987.pdf
BIOL-4740 1985   Animal Physiology BIOL-4740-1985.pdf
BIOL-4750 1999   Field Techniques in Verabrate Biology BIOL-4750-1999.pdf
BIOL-4780 1978   Vertebrate Zoology BIOL-4780-1978.pdf
BIOL-4790 1996   Mammalogy BIOL-4790-1996.pdf
BIOL-4800 2000   Internship in Environmental Management and Planning BIOL-4800-2000.pdf
BIOL-4820 1995   Introduction to Environmental Law and Regulations BIOL-4820-1995.pdf
BIOL-4840/884M 1973   Herpetology BIOL-4840_884M-1973.pdf
BIOL-4850 2001   Developmental Biology BIOL-4850-2001.pdf
BIOL-4880 1968   Invertebrate Zoology BIOL-4880-1968.pdf
BIOL-4910 1974   Protozoology BIOL-4910-1974.pdf
BIOL-4920 2001   Parasitology BIOL-4920-2001.pdf
BIOL-4940 1966   Entomology BIOL-4940-1966.pdf
BIOL-4950 1995   Vertebrate Embryology and Anatomy BIOL-4950-1995.pdf
BIOL-4960 2007   Advanced Genetics BIOL-4960-2007.pdf
BIOL-4980 1978   Ornithology BIOL-4980-1978.pdf
BIOL-821M 1982   Fire Ecology BIOL-821M-1982.pdf
BIOL-822M 1982   Population Biology BIOL-822M-1982.pdf
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BLST-1000 1974   Introduction to Black Studies BLST-1000-1974.pdf
BLST-1050 2001   Ancient African Civilization BLST-1050-2001.pdf
BLST-1100 1979   Black American Culture BLST-1100-1979.pdf
BLST-1220 1971   Law in the Black Community BLST-1220-1971.pdf
BLST-1260 1980   Survey of Black Literatuer BLST-1260-1980.pdf
BLST-1340 1987   Introduction to Contemporary Africa BLST-1340-1987.pdf
BLST-1400 1980   Issues in Black Communities BLST-1400-1980.pdf
BLST-1950 2005   Black Women in America BLST-1950-2005.pdf
BLST-2000 1985   The Black Experience in Society BLST-2000-1985.pdf
BLST-2100 2005   Black American Culture BLST-2100-2005.pdf
BLST-2120 2001   History of Modern Africa BLST-2120-2001.pdf
BLST-2130 1979   Patterns of African Government BLST-2130-1979.pdf
BLST-2210 1980   The Black Family in the United States BLST-2210-1980.pdf
BLST-2250 1971   The Black Short Story BLST-2250-1971.pdf
BLST-2260 1989   Black Short Story BLST-2260-1989.pdf
BLST-2360 2001   Contemporary Black Literature BLST-2360-2001.pdf
BLST-2410 1990   Afro American History to 1865 BLST-2410-1990.pdf
BLST-2410 2005   Black History to 1877 BLST-2410-2005.pdf
BLST-2420 1989   Afro-American History since 1865 BLST-2420-1989.pdf
BLST-2510 1990   Music and the Black Experience BLST-2510-1990.pdf
BLST-2730 1987   Religion and Theology in Afro-America BLST-2730-1989.pdf
BLST-283 1972   The Contemporary Novel (Emphasis on Black Writers) BLST-283-1972.pdf
BLST-2900 2001   African Civilization -- The Middle Period BLST-2900-2001.pdf
BLST-3000 1973   Black Education BLST-3000-1973.pdf
BLST-303 1979   Geography of Africa BLST-303-1979.pdf
BLST-3120 1985   The Black Experience in American Politics BLST-3120-1985.pdf
BLST-3140 1979   Aparthreid in South Africa BLST-3140-1985.pdf
BLST-3200 1987   Black Nationalism and Pan Africanism BLST-3200-1987.pdf
BLST-3220 1979   Afro-American History Since 1954 BLST-3220-1979.pdf
BLST-3500 1980   Economic Development in Africa BLST-3500-1980.pdf
BLST-3650 1980   Slavery and Race Relations in the Americas BLST-3650-1980.pdf
BLST-2850 1988   Black Oratory BLST-3850-1988.pdf
BLST-3920 1987   Black Aesthetics BLST-3920-1987.pdf
BLST-3950 1987   Philosophy of Afro-American BLST-3950-1987.pdf
BLST-3980 1972   Special Topics in Black Studies BLST-3980-1972.pdf
BLST-3990 1987   Community Study Project BLST-3990-1987.pdf
BLST-4000 1973   Special Topics Seminars: Humanities & Black BLST-4000-1973.pdf
BLST-4090/8096 1996   Black Studies Oral History BLST-4090/8096-1996.pdf
BLST-4260 1996   Women of Color Writers BLST-4260-1996.pdf
BLST-4450 1980   The Negritude Movement BLST-4450-1980.pdf
BLST-4500 1987   Philosophy & Theology of Martin L.K, Jr. & Malcom X BLST-4500-1987.pdf
BLST-4700 1987   African Philosophy BLST-4700-1987.pdf
BLST-4880 1997   Seminar in Black Leadership in America BLST-4880-1997.pdf
BLST-4900 1987   Independent Study BLST-4900-1987.pdf
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CHEM-101/101L 1973   Chemistry in the Environment and Society CHEM-101_101L-1996.pdf
CHEM-1140 1996   Fundamentals of College Chemistry CHEM-1140-1996.pdf
CHEM-1144 1996   Fundamentals of College Chemistry Laboratory CHEM-1144-1996.pdf
CHEM-1180 2005   General Chemistry I CHEM-1180-2005.pdf
CHEM-1180 1996   General Chemistry I CHEM-1180-1996.pdf
CHEM-1184 2000   General Chemistry I Laboratory CHEM-1184-2000.pdf
CHEM-1190 1996   General Chemistry II CHEM-1190-1996.pdf
CHEM-1194 1996   General Chemistry II Laboratory CHEM-1194-1996.pdf
CHEM-2210 1980   Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry CHEM-2210-1980.pdf
CHEM-2214 1981   Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry Laboratory CHEM-2214-1981.pdf
CHEM-2250 1996   Organic Chemistry I CHEM-2250-1996.pdf
CHEM-225L 1970   Organic Chemistry Laboratory CHEM-225L-1970.pdf
CHEM-2260 1970   Organic Chemistry II CHEM-2260-1970.pdf
CHEM-226L 1970   Organic Chemistry Laboratory CHEM-226L-1970.pdf
CHEM-2274 1984   Organic Chemistry Laboratory CHEM-2274-1984.pdf
CHEM-2400 1988   Quantitative Analysis CHEM-2400-1988.pdf
CHEM-2404 1988   Quantitative Analysis Laboratory CHEM-2404-1988.pdf
CHEM-2500 1982   Introduction to Organic Chemisty CHEM-2500-1982.pdf
CHEM-2820 1982   Introduction to Forensic Science CHEM-2820-1982.pdf
CHEM-2824 1976   Introduction to Forensic Science CHEM-2824-1976.pdf
CHEM-2930 2006   Applied Topics in Chemistry CHEM-2930-2006.pdf
CHEM-3030 1998   Environmental Chemistry CHEM-3030-1978.pdf
CHEM-3250 1970   Advanced Organic Laboratory CHEM-3250-1970.pdf
CHEM-3260 1970   Advanced Organic Laboratory CHEM-3260-1970.pdf
CHEM-3350 1970   Physical Chemistry I CHEM-3350-1970.pdf
CHEM-335L 1970   Physical Chemistry Laboratory CHEM-335L-1970.pdf
CHEM-3360 1970   Physical Chemistry II CHEM-3360-1970.pdf
CHEM-3364 1970   Physical Chemistry II Laboratory CHEM-3364-1970.pdf
CHEM-3710 2005   Essentials of Medicinal Chemestry CHEM-3710-2005.pdf
CHEM-3414 1989   Instrumental Methods CHEM-3414-1989.pdf
CHEM-3424 1989   Spectrometric Characterizations CHEM-3424-1989.pdf
CHEM-3514 1990   Inorganic Preparations CHEM-3514-1990.pdf
CHEM-3640 1995   Biomedical Metabolism CHEM-3640-1995.pdf
CHEM-3650 1995   Fundamentals of Biochemistry CHEM-3650-1995.pdf
CHEM-365L 1996   Fundamentals of Biochemistry Laboratory CHEM-365L-1996.pdf
CHEM-3700 1970   Radiochemistry CHEM-3700-1970.pdf
CHEM-3704 1970   Radiochemistry Laboratory CHEM-3704-1970.pdf
CHEM-3820 1982   Introduction to Forensic Science CHEM-3820-1982.pdf
CHEM-3940 2004   Writing in Chemistry CHEM-2940-2004.pdf
CHEM-4230 1966   Advanced Organic Chemistry CHEM-4230-1966.pdf
CHEM-4240 1970   Advanced Organic Chemistry Mechanism CHEM-4240-1970.pdf
CHEM-4400 1990   Instrumental Analysis CHEM-4400-1990.pdf
CHEM-4404 1990   Instrumental Analysis Laboratory CHEM-4404-1990.pdf
CHEM-4500 1970   Advanced Inorganic Chemistry CHEM-4500-1970.pdf
CHEM-4510 2005   Solid State Inorganic Chemistry CHEM-4510-2005.pdf
CHEM-4540 1982   Geochemistry CHEM-4540-1982.pdf
CHEM-4610 2005   Biochemistry of Metabolism CHEM-4610-2005.pdf
CHEM-4650 1997   Biochemistry I CHEM-4650-1997.pdf
CHEM-4654 1997   Biochemistry I Laboratory CHEM-4654-1997.pdf
CHEM-4660 1997   Biochemistry II CHEM-4660-1997.pdf
CHEM-4664 1997   Biochemistry II Laboratory CHEM-4664-1997.pdf
CHEM-4810 1997   Chemistry Internship CHEM-4810-1997.pdf
CHEM-493 1974   Special Topics in Chemistry CHEM-493-1974.pdf
CHEM-4950 1988   Chemistry Projects CHEM-4950-1988.pdf
CHEM-4960 2000   Chemistry Problems CHEM-4960-2000.pdf
CHEM-4990 1970   Chemistry Problems CHEM-4990-1970.pdf
CHEM-5990 1970   Research in Chemistry CHEM-5990-1970.pdf
CHEM-8429 1989   Spectrometric Characterizations CHEM-8429-1989.pdf
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ENGL-1010 2006   Introduction to Genre Studies: Prose ENGL-1010-2006.pdf
ENGL-1020 2006   Introduction to Genre Studies: Poetry, Drama, Film ENGL-1020-2006.pdf
ENGL-105 2006   College Reading Strategies ENGL-105-2006.pdf
ENGL-109 1986   English as a Second Language ENGL-109-1986.pdf
ENGL-110 1986   English as a Second Language II ENGL-110-1986.pdf
ENGL-1150/1154 1998   English Composition ENGL-1150-1998.pdf
ENGL-1160/1164 1998   English Composition ENGL-1160-1998.pdf
ENGL-200 1975   Topics in Language and Literature ENGL-200-1975.pdf
ENGL-2160 1986   Honors Composition: Reasoning and Research ENGL-2160-1986.pdf
ENGL-2230 1989   Ethnic Literature ENGL-2230-1989.pdf
ENGL-225 1974   The Short Story ENGL-225-1974.pdf
ENGL-2260 1989   Black Short Story ENGL-2260-1989.pdf
ENGL-227 1974   Introduction to Poetry ENGL-227-1974.pdf
ENGL-228 1975   Introduction to Language ENGL-228-1975.pdf
ENGL-230 1983   Introduction to Literature ENGL-230-1983.pdf
ENGL-231 1974   Introduction to English Literature ENGL-231-1974.pdf
ENGL-2320 2005   Introduction to English Literature ENGL-2320-2005.pdf
ENGL-235 1971   Black Literature in America (1746-1939) ENGL-235-1971.pdf
ENGL-236 1971   Black Literature in America 1939-Present ENGL-236-1971.pdf
ENGL-240 1974   Expository Writing ENGL-240-1974.pdf
ENGL-240 1989   Advanced Composition ENGL-240-1989.pdf
ENGL-2410 2005   Critical Approaches to Literature ENGL-2410-2005.pdf
ENGL-2420 1998   Critical Theory and Writing ENGL-2420-1998.pdf
ENGL-243 1977   Writing about Literature ENGL-243-1977.pdf
ENGL-245 1974   American Literature (to 1860) ENGL-245-1974.pdf
ENGL-246 1974   American Literature (since 1860) ENGL-246-1974.pdf
ENGL-2470 1989   Native American Literature ENGL-2470-1989.pdf
ENGL-3610/8610 2007   Introduction to Linguistics ENGL-3610-2007.pdf
ENGL-4040 1994   History of Literary Criticism ENGL-4040-1994.pdf
ENGL-4050/8056 1997   Great Characters ENGL-4050-1997.pdf
ENGL-4060 2004   The American Novel ENGL-4060-2004.pdf
ENGL-4140 2004   American Literary Realism and Naturalism ENGL-4140-2004.pdf
ENGL-4160/8166 1999   Topics in American Regionalism ENGL-4160-1999.pdf
ENGL-4180 1977   Chicano Literature and Cultures ENGL-4180-1977.pdf
ENGL-421/422 1966   Advanced Fiction Writing ENGL-421-1966.pdf
ENGL-4250 1979   Introduction to Women's Studies in Literature ENGL-4250-1979.pdf
ENGL-4260 2007   Women of Color Writers ENGL-4260-2007.pdf
ENGL-4270/8276 1999   Women Writers of the West ENGL-4270-1999.pdf
ENGL-4310 2003   Middle English Literature ENGL-4310-2003.pdf
ENGL-4320 2003   Chaucer ENGL-4320-2003.pdf
ENGL-433 2006   Sixteenth Century Literature ENGL-433-2006.pdf
ENGL-4340/8346 2002   Shakespeare ENGL-4340-2002.pdf
ENGL-4350/8356 2007   Shakespeare's Contemporaries ENGL-4350-2007.pdf
ENGL-4400 1974   The Age of Pope and Swift ENGL-4400-1974.pdf
ENGL-4410/8416 1977   The Age of Johnson ENGL-4410-1977.pdf
ENGL-4480 1974   Twentieth Century English Literature ENGL-4480-1974.pdf
ENGL-4530/8536 1993   Seminar in Cross-Cultural Communication ENGL-4530-1993.pdf
ENGL-458 1972   Introduction to Linguistics ENGL-458-1972.pdf
ENGL-460 1974   Shakespeare ENGL-460-1974.pdf
ENGL-462 1984   Restoration and Eighteenth Century Literature ENGL-462-1984.pdf
ENGL-4620 2003   History of English ENGL-4620-2003.pdf
ENGL-464/864 1975   The Eighteenth-Century Novel ENGL-464-1975.pdf
ENGL-465 1974   The Nineteenth Century Novel ENGL-465-1974.pdf
ENGL-4660 1975   The Twentieth-Century English Novel ENGL-4660-1975.pdf
ENGL-4680 1974   History of English ENGL-4680-1974.pdf
ENGL-4700 1989   The Modern Familiar Essay ENGL-4700-1989.pdf
ENGL-475 1977   Composition Theory & Practice ENGL-475-1977.pdf
ENGL-4760 1991   Composition Theory & Practice ENGL-4760-1991.pdf
ENGL-478 1975   Structure of English ENGL-478-1975.pdf
ENGL-4800/8806 2006   English Internship ENGL-4800&8806-2006.pdf
ENGL-4810 2002   Digital Literacies for Technical Communications ENGL-4810-2002.pdf
ENGL-481 1962   Literature of the Romantic Period ENGL-481-1962.pdf
ENGL-482 1974   Literature of the Victorian Period ENGL-482-1974.pdf
ENGL-4830 2001   Technical Writing ENGL-4830-2001.pdf
ENGL-4840 2001   Travel Writing ENGL-4840-2001.pdf
ENGL-4850 2002   Information Design for Technical Communicators ENGL-4850-2002.pdf
ENGL-485 1976   Twentieth Century English Literature ENGL-485-1976.pdf
ENGL-4870 2002   Technical Editing ENGL-4870-2002.pdf
ENGL-4670 1994   Sociolinguistics ENGL-4670-1994.pdf
ENGL-4880 2001   Community Service Writing ENGL-4880-2001.pdf
ENGL-4890 2002   Technical Communication Capstone Course ENGL-4890-2002.pdf
ENGL-491 1976   Contemporary Poetry of England ENGL-491-1976.pdf
ENGL-493 1976   American Poetry ENGL-493-1976.pdf
ENGL-4940 1976   History of Literary Criticism ENGL-4940-1976.pdf
ENGL-495 1972   Contemporary Literature: Major Figures in Major Movements ENGL-495-1972.pdf
ENGL-4960 2005   Topics in Language and Literature ENGL-4960-2005.pdf
ENGL-4970 1974   The American Novel ENGL-4970-1974.pdf
ENGL-4980 1974   The American Drama ENGL-4980-1974.pdf
ENGL-4990 2003   Senior Capstone Seminar ENGL-4990-2003.pdf
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ENVN-2010 2007 Environmental Problems and Solutions ENVN-2010-2007.pdf



FLNG-2530 1982   Special Topics in Language & Culture FLNG-2530-1982.pdf
FLNG-3530 1982   Special Topics in Language & Culture FLNG-3530-1982.pdf
CHIN-1000 1981   Practical Mandarin Chinese Conversation CHIN-1000-1981.pdf
CHIN-1010 1985   Practical Mandarin Chinese Conversation II CHIN-1010-1985.pdf
HEBR-1110 1984   Elementary Hebrew HEBR-1110-1984.pdf
HEBR-1120 1984   Elementary Hebrew HEBR-1120-1984.pdf
HEBR-2110 1984   Intermediate Hebrew HEBR-2110-1984.pdf
HEBR-2120 1984   Intermediate Hebrew HEBR-2120-1984.pdf
ITLN-1110 1985   Elementary Italian ITLN-1110-1985.pdf
ITLN-1120 1985   Elementary Italian ITLN-1120-1985.pdf
ITLN-2110 1988   Intermediate Italian ITLN-2110-1988.pdf
ITLN-2120 1985   Intermediate Italian ITLN-2120-1985.pdf
FREN-100 1978   Practical French Conversation FREN-100-1978.pdf
FREN-111/112 1978   Elementary French FREN-111_112-1978.pdf
FREN-115 1971   Programmed Elementary French FREN-115-1971.pdf
FREN-116 1971   Programmed Elementary French FREN-116-1971.pdf
FREN-205 1980   French Intensive Language FREN-205-1980.pdf
FREN-211/212 1978   Intermediate French FREN-211_212-1978.pdf
FREN-303 1970   Conversation and Pronunciation FREN-303-1970.pdf
FREN-304 1970   Grammar and Composition FREN-304-1970.pdf
FREN-3050 1988   Traduction litteraire FREN-3050-1988.pdf
FREN-306 1970   Advanced Grammar and Composition FREN-306-1970.pdf
FREN-315/316 1965   Introduction to French Literature FREN-315_316-1965.pdf
FREN-337 1968   French Civilization FREN-337-1968.pdf
FREN-3580 1999   Business French FREN-3580-1999.pdf
FREN-4030/8036 1994   Advanced French Conversation FREN-4030-1994.pdf
FREN-4040/8046 1994   Advanced French Composition and Stylisitics FREN-4040-1994.pdf
FREN-405 1976   Advanced Conversation and Pronunciation FREN-405-1976.pdf
FREN-415 1992   Contemporary French Novel FREN-415-1992.pdf
FREN-4160 1993   French Theater (17th to 19th Centuries) FREN-4160-1993.pdf
FREN-417 1992   Contemporary French Drama FREN-417-1992.pdf
FREN-4200/8206 1990   Litterature noire d'expression francies FREN-4200-1990.pdf
FREN-4220/8226 1998   The Structure of French FREN-4220-1998.pdf
FREN-4580 1975   Introduction to Linguistics FREN-4580-1975.pdf
FREN-486 1978   Modern French Women Authors FREN-486-1978.pdf
FREN-490 1976   Independent Study FREN-490-1976.pdf
FREN-496 1976   French Seminar FREN-496-1976.pdf
GERM-100 1978   Practical German Conversation GERM-100-1978.pdf
GERM-1110 1995   Elementary German I GERM-1100-1995.pdf
GERM-1120 1995   Elementary German II GERM-1120-1995.pdf
GERM-205 1978   German Intensive Language GERM-205-1978.pdf
GERM-212 1978   Intermediate German GERM-212-1978.pdf
GERM-3030 1995   German Conversation & Pronunciation GERM-3030-1995.pdf
GERM-3040 1995   German Grammar & Composition GERM-3040-1995.pdf
GERM-3150 1995   Introduction to German Literature GERM-3150-1995.pdf
GERM-3250 1995   Contermporary Culture in German Speaking Countries GERM-3250-1995.pdf
GERM-337 1965   German Civilization GERM-337-1965.pdf
GERM-3500 1995   Special Topics in German GERM-3500-1995.pdf
GERM-3580 1999   Business German GERM-3580-1999.pdf
GERM-4030/8036 1995   Advanced German Conversation GERM-4030_8036-1995.pdf
GERM-4040/8046 1995   Advanced German Composition and Stylistics GERM-4040_8046-1995.pdf
GERM-4220/8226 2002   The Structure of German GERM-4220_8226-2002.pdf
GERM-431 1968   German Literature of the 19th Century GERM-421-1968.pdf
GERM-432 1968   German Literature of the 20th Century GERM-432-1968.pdf
GERM-4380/8386 1995   German Civilizations from the 18th Century to the Present GERM-4380_8386-1995.pdf
GERM-440 1965   German Novelle GERM-440-1965.pdf
GERM-444 1965   German Drama GERM-444-1965.pdf
GERM-450 1968   German Literature of the Eighteenth Century GERM-450-1968.pdf
GERM-4580 1975   Introduction to Linguistics GERM-4580-1975.pdf
GERM-490 1976   Independent Study GERM-490-1976.pdf
GERM-496 1978   Pro-Seminar in German Literature GERM-496-1978.pdf
JAPN-1000 1982   Practical Japanese Conversation JAPN-1000-1982.pdf
JAPN-1010 1982   Practical Japanese Conversation II JAPN-1010-1982.pdf
JAPN-2050 1984   Japanese Intensive Language JAPN-2050-1984.pdf
JAPN-2120 1994   Intermediate Japanese II JAPN-2120-1994.pdf
RUSS-100 1974   Practical Russian Conversation RUSS-100-1974.pdf
RUSS-111 1978   Elementary Russian RUSS-111-1978.pdf
RUSS-112 1978   Elementary Russian RUSS-112-1978.pdf
RUSS-205 1991   Russian Intensive Language RUSS-205-1991.pdf
RUSS-211 1978   Intermediate Russian RUSS-211-1978.pdf
RUSS-212 1978   Intermediate Russian RUSS-212-1978.pdf
RUSS-3030 1995   Russian Conversation RUSS-3030-1995.pdf
RUSS-3040 1995   Russian Grammar & Composition RUSS-3040-1995.pdf
RUSS-3055 1999   Women in Russian Society & Culture:A His Perspective RUSS-3055-1999.pdf
RUSS-3150 1997   Introduction to Russian Literature I RUSS-3150-1997.pdf
RUSS-3370 1997   Russian Culture & Civilization RUSS-3370-1997.pdf
SPAN-100 1979   Practical Spanish Conversation SPAN-100-1979.pdf
SPAN-111/112 2006   Elementary Spanish SPAN-111_112-2006.pdf
SPAN-205 1978   Spanish Intensive Language SPAN-205-1978.pdf
SPAN-211 1978   Intermediate Spanish SPAN-211-1978.pdf
SPAN-212 1978   Intermediate Spanish SPAN-212-1978.pdf
SPAN-2130 2002   Accelerated Second-Year Spanish SPAN-2130-2002.pdf
SPAN-2140 2005   Spanish for Heritage Speakers SPAN-2140-2005.pdf
SPAN-300 1973   Travel Study in Foreign Languages SPAN-300-1973.pdf
SPAN-303 1970   Conversation and Pronunciation SPAN-303-1970.pdf
SPAN-304 1970   Grammar and Composition SPAN-304-1970.pdf
SPAN-305 1970   Advanced Conversation and Pronunciation SPAN-305-1970.pdf
SPAN-306 1970   Advanced Grammar and Composition SPAN-306-1970.pdf
SPAN-317 1978   Survey of Spanish Literature I SPAN-317-1978.pdf
SPAN-318 1978   Survey of Spanish Literature II SPAN-318-1978.pdf
SPAN-321 1968   Survey of Spanish American Literature I SPAN-321-1968.pdf
SPAN-322 1968   Survey of Spanish American Literature II SPAN-322-1968.pdf
SPAN-330 1979   The Culture of Latin America SPAN-330-1979.pdf
SPAN-341 1968   Spanish Civilization SPAN-341-1968.pdf
SPAN-342 1973   Latin American Civilization SPAN-342-1973.pdf
SPAN-3580 2004   Business Spanish SPAN-3580-2004.pdf
SPAN-4030/8036 1995   Advanced Spanish Composition SPAN-4030_8036-1995.pdf
SPAN-4040/8046 1998   Advanced Composition and Stylistic SPAN-4040_8046-1998.pdf
SPAN-409 1978   Literature of the Golden Age SPAN-409-1978.pdf
SPAN-4160 1988   Latin American Literature of the Twentieth Century SPAN-4160-1988.pdf
SPAN-418 1977   Latino Literature and Culture SPAN-418-1977.pdf
SPAN-4200/8206 1994   The Structure of Spanish SPAN-4200_8206-1994.pdf
SPAN-424 1968   Generation of 1898 SPAN-424-1968.pdf
SPAN-435 1968   Spanish American Short Story SPAN-435-1968.pdf
SPAN-4440 1997   Spanish -American Theater SPAN-4440-1997.pdf
SPAN-4550 1999   Introduction to Literary Criticism SPAN-4550-1999.pdf
SPAN-456-856 1978   Modern Novel of Spain SPAN-456-856-1978.pdf
SPAN-4580 1975   Introduction to Linguistics SPAN-4580-1975.pdf
SPAN-490 1995   Independent Study SPAN-490-1995.pdf
SPAN-496 1968   Spanish Seminar SPAN-496-1968.pdf
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GEOG-102-202 1967   Introduction to Human Geography GEOG-102-202-1967.pdf
GEOG-100 1971   Fundamentals of Geography GEOG-100-1971.pdf
GEOG-101 1986   Environmental Geology GEOG-101-1986.pdf
GEOG-103 1975   Intro to Earth & Environmental Science GEOG-103-1975.pdf
GEOG-106 1971   Physical Geography I GEOG-106-1971.pdf
GEOG-107 1971   Physical Geography II GEOG-107-1971.pdf
GEOG-1100 2005   Earth System Science GEOG-1100-2005.pdf
GEOG-1104L 2006   Earth System Science Lab GEOG-1104-2006.pdf
GEOG-117 1971   Introduction to Physical Geology GEOG-117-1971.pdf
GEOG-118 1971   Introduction to Histored Geology GEOG-118-1971.pdf
GEOG-2014 1995   Environmental Geology Lab GEOG-2014-1995.pdf
GEOG-2100 2006   Geology of Nebraska GEOG-2100-2006.pdf
GEOG-210 1981   Reginal Geology and Geomorphology of Eastern North American Plate GEOG-210-1981.pdf
GEOG-211 1981   Reginal Geology and Geomorphology of Western North American Plate GEOG-211-1981.pdf
GEOL-2300 2000   Geoscience Data Analysis and Modeling GEOL-2300-2000.pdf
GEOG-250 1979   Special Topics in Geography-Geology GEOG-250-1979.pdf
GEOL-260 1981   Geohydrology GEOL-260-1981.pdf
GEOG-262 1981   Aerial Photographic Interpretation GEOG-262-1981.pdf
GEOL-275 1976   Mineralogy GEOL-275-1976.pdf
GEOL-275L 1980   Mineralogy Laboratory GEOL-275L-1980.pdf
GEOG-2760 1987   Igneous & Metamorphic Petrology GEOG-2760-1987.pdf
GEOG-276L 1980   Igneous & Metamorphic Petrology Laboratory GEOG-276L-1980.pdf
GEOG-300 1973   Travel Study in Geography GEOG-300-1973.pdf
GEOG-303 1977   Africa GEOG-303-1977.pdf
GEOG-3050 2007   Geography in Film GEOG-3050-2007.pdf
GEOG-306 1978   Geography of Middle America GEOG-306-1978.pdf
GEOG-307 1982   Geography of South America GEOG-307-1982.pdf
GEOG-308 1982   East and Southeast Asia GEOG-308-1982.pdf
GEOG-309 1982   South and Southwest Asia GEOG-309-1982.pdf
GEOL-310 1980   Invertebrate Paleontology GEOL-310-1980.pdf
GEOG/GEOL-310L 1981   Invertebrate Paleontology Lab GEOG/GEOL-310L-1981.pdf
GEOG-313 1971   Economic Geography GEOG-313-1971.pdf
GEOG-323 1966   Europe's People GEOG-323-1966.pdf
GEOG-324 1966   Russia & Former Soviet Republic GEOG-324-1966.pdf
GEOL-330 1985   Structural Geology GEOL-330-1985.pdf
GEOL-331 1985   Structural Geology Field Methods GEOL-331-1985.pdf
GEOG-333 1976   Geography U.S & Canada GEOG-333-1976.pdf
GEOL-3400 1999   Introduction to Sedimentary Geology GEOL-3400-1999.pdf
GEOG-341 1962   History of Nebraska GEOG-341-1962.pdf
GEOG-3440 1999   Nebraska Natural Resources Management GEOG-3440-1999.pdf
GEOL-3454L 1987   Sedimentology & Sedimentary Petrology Lab GEOL-3454-1987.pdf
GEOG/GEOL-345L 1981   Sedimentology & Sedimentary Petrology Lab GEOG/GEOL-345-1981.pdf
GEOG/GEOL-345 1981   Sedimentology Lab GEOG/GEOL-345L-1981.pdf
GEOG/GEOL-345L 1981   Sedimentology Lab GEOG/GEOL-345L-1981.pdf
GEOG/GEOL-346 1981   North American Stratigraphy GEOG/GEOL-346-1981.pdf
GEOG-350 1972   Geology for Engineers GEOG-350-1972.pdf
GEOG-351 1993   Meteorology GEOG-351-1993.pdf
GEOG-353 1984   Introduction to Cartography GEOG-353-1984.pdf
GEOG-354 1984   Cartographic Drafting and Design GEOG-354-1984.pdf
GEOG-355 1982   Climates of the Continents GEOG-355-1982.pdf
GEOG-370 1975   Plate Tectonics GEOG-370-1975.pdf
GEOG-393 1971   Political Geography GEOG-393-1971.pdf
GEOG-401 1970   Conservation of Natural Resources GEOG-401-1970.pdf
GEOG-402 1984   Quantitative Methods in Geography GEOG-402-1984.pdf
GEOG-403/803M 1973   Computer Mapping and Data Analysis GEOG-403_803M-1971.pdf
GEOG-4040 1997   Geoarchaeology GEOG-4040-1997.pdf
GEOG-405 1984   Geographic Information Systeams GEOG-405-1984.pdf
GEOG-410/810M 1985   Biogeography GEOG-410_810M-1984.pdf
GEOG-412 1974   Urban Geography GEOG-412-1974.pdf
GEOG-414/814M 1972   Urban Sociology GEOG-414_814M-1972.pdf
GEOG-4150/8156 1995   Geography, Gender, and Work GEOG-4150_8156-1995.pdf
GEOG-423 1962   Great Plains & Nebraska GEOG-423-1962.pdf
GEOG-425 1973   Landform Studies I (Geomorphology I) GEOG-425-1973.pdf
GEOG-426 1973   Landform Studies II (Geomorphology II) GEOG-426-1973.pdf
GEOG-432 1973   Climatology GEOG-432-1973.pdf
GEOG-4330/8336 1991   Soil Genesis, Morphology and Classification GEOG-4330_8336-1991.pdf
GEOG-4340/8346 1990   Water Resources GEOG-4340_8346-1990.pdf
GEOL-440 1984   Geophysics GEOL-440-1984.pdf
GEOG-443/843M 1976   American Urban History to 1870 GEOG-443_843M-1976.pdf
GEOG-444/844M 1976   American Urban History since 1870 GEOG-444_844M-1976.pdf
GEOG-453 1978   Historical Geography of the United States GEOG-453-1978.pdf
GEOL-454 1982   Geochemistry GEOL-454-1982.pdf
GEOG-4550 2006   Geography GEOG-4550-2006.pdf
GEOL-4600 1995   Independent Research GEOL-4600-1995.pdf
GEOG/GEOL-461 1981   Field Methods GEOG_GEOL-461-1981.pdf
GEOL-4620 1996   Advanced Field Course GEOL-4620-1996.pdf
GEOG/GEOL-4630 1998   Environmental Remote Sensing GEOG_GEOL-4630-1998.pdf
GEOG-4660/8666 1997   GIS Science and Technology GEOG-4660_8666-1997.pdf
GEOG-4800 1993   Internship in Environmental/Regional Planning/Earth Science GEOG-4800-1993.pdf
GEOG-4820/8826 1995   Introduction to Environmental Law and Regulation GEOG-4820_8826-1995.pdf
GEOG-490 1970   Urbanization in Developing Areas GEOG-490-1970.pdf
GEOG-491 1972   Internship in Local Government GEOG-491-1972.pdf
GEOG-460 1995   Independent Research GEOG-460-1995.pdf
GEOG-4950 1994   Senior Thesis GEOG-4950-1994.pdf
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HIST-100 1981   World Civilizations I  HIST-100-1981.pdf
HIST-101 1981   World Civilizations II  HIST-101-1981.pdf
HIST-1050 1988   Ancient African Civilization HIST-1050-1988.pdf
HIST-111 1976   American History to 1865  HIST-111-1976.pdf
HIST-112 1976   American History since 1865  HIST-112-1976.pdf
HIST-151 1972   Western Civilization: 1453-1789  HIST-151-1972.pdf
HIST-152 1976   Western Civilization: 1789-Present  HIST-152-1976.pdf
HIST-2020 1987   History of Science Since 1650 HIST-2020-1987.pdf
HIST-210 1971   Afro-American Political Thought HIST-210-1971.pdf
HIST-219 1986   The Modern Middle East  HIST-219-1986.pdf
HIST-242 1970   Black History since 1877  HIST-242-1970.pdf
HIST-2470 1987   Latin American History: Mexico and The Caribbean HIST-2470-1987.pdf
HIST-248 1967   Latin American History: South American HIST-248-1967.pdf
HIST-251/252 1961   Ancient History: Greece (251)/Rome (252) HIST-251_252-1961.pdf
HIST-256 1977   Modern France: 1789 to the Present HIST-256-1977.pdf
HIST-2580 1987   Modern Germany  HIST-2580-1987.pdf
HIST-261 1974   History of England: Stonehenge to 1688  HIST-261-1974.pdf
HIST-262 1974   History of England: Glorious Revolution to the Present  HIST-262-1974.pdf
HIST-263 1975   History of Canada  HIST-263-1975.pdf
HIST-266 1993   Peoples of East Central Europe since 1815  HIST-266-1993.pdf
HIST-271 1958   Russian History  HIST-271-1958.pdf
HIST-272 1958   Russian History  HIST-272-1958.pdf
HIST-281 1958   East Asia: Traditional and Mordern China  HIST-281-1958-pdf
HIST-282` 1975   East Asia: Traditional and Mordern Japan  HIST-282-1975.pdf
HIST-2900 1988   African Civilization -- The Middle Period  HIST-2900-1988.pdf
HIST-291 1975   African civilization to 1800  HIST-291-1975.pdf
HIST-292 1975   African civilization to 1800  HIST-292-1975.pdf
HIST-299 1977   People and Issues in History  HIST-299-1977.pdf
HIST-300 1982   United States Military History from the Civil War  HIST-300-1982.pdf
HIST-3130 1976   American Colonial History  HIST-3130-1976.pdf
HIST-313 1962   American Colonial History  HIST-313-1962.pdf
HIST-330 1973   The Culture of Latin America  HIST-330-1973.pdf
HIST-3330 1987   American Diplomatic History  HIST-3330-1987.pdf
HIST-3160 1987   The American Frontier: 1800 -1900  HIST-3160-1987.pdf
HIST-341 1962   History of Nebraska  HIST-341-1962.pdf
HIST-3440 1987   History of the South  HIST-3440-1987.pdf
HIST-3520 1990   History of the Roman Empire  HIST-3520-1990.pdf
HIST-353 1981   History of Medeval Europe  HIST-353-1981.pdf
HIST-3580 2003   Queens and Mistresses of Early Modern Europe  HIST-3580-2003.pdf
HIST-364 1975   History of the British Empire and Commonwealth  HIST-364-1975.pdf
HIST-371 1977   Europe and America in the Two World Wars  HIST-371-1977.pdf
HIST-3910 1991   Topics in History  HIST-3910-1991.pdf
HIST-392 1980   Undergraduate Seminar in History  HIST-392-1980.pdf
HIST-393 1991   Historical Research  HIST-393-1991.pdf
HIST-406 1980   History of Women in the United States HIST-406-1980.pdf
HIST-401 NONE   Science to 1650 HIST-401-NODATE.pdf
HIST-410 1971   Historical Geography of the United States HIST-410-1971.pdf
HIST-412 1970   American Social and Intellectual History since 1865 HIST-412-1970.pdf
HIST-4130 1987   The Revolutionary Era, 1763-1789 HIST-4130-1987.pdf
HIST-416 1981   The Federalist Republican Period: 1789-1828 HIST-416-1981.pdf
HIST-418 1961   Civil War and Reconstruction HIST-418-1961.pdf
HIST-4240 1987   The Emergence of Modern America HIST-4240-1987.pdf
HIST-427 1967   20th Century America to 1932 HIST-427-1965.pdf
HIST-428 1965   20th Century America Since 1932 HIST-428-1932.pdf
HIST-433 1958   Constitutional History of United States Since 1860 HIST-433-1958.pdf
HIST-434 1958   Constitutional History of United States Since 1860 HIST-434-1958.pdf
HIST-4400 1987   History of North American Indians HIST-4400-1987.pdf
HIST-441 1971   Great Plains & Nebraska HIST-441-1971.pdf
HIST-443 1969   American Urban History to 1870 HIST-443-1969.pdf
HIST-445 1971   Urban Geography HIST-445-1971.pdf
HIST-4460 1987   American Immigration History HIST-4460-1987.pdf
HIST-4470 1970   History of American Medicine & Public Health HIST-4470-1970.pdf
HIST-448 no date   Mexican American Literature HIST-448.pdf
HIST-4510 1963   Intellectual Hist of Modern Eur from French Rev HIST-4510-1963.pdf
HIST-4550 1976   The Age of Enlightement HIST-4550-1976.pdf
HIST-456 1976   The French Revolution & Napoleonic Era:1789-1815 HIST-456-1976.pdf
HIST-4530 1987   The Age of the Renaissance-Reformation HIST-4530-1987.pdf
HIST-457 1976   Europe Betrays its Promise (1815-1890) HIST-457-1976.pdf
HIST-460 1976   Constitutional and Legal History of England HIST-460-1976.pdf
HIST-461 1976   Tudor-Stuart England HIST-461-1976.pdf
HIST-462 1974   English History: From Empire to Welfare State HIST-462-1974.pdf
HIST-463/464 1962   English Constitutional History HIST-463_464-1962.pdf
HIST-477 1976   Europe In Crisis: 1890-1932 HIST-477-1976.pdf
HIST-478 1976   Europe in the Global Age: 1933 to the Present HIST-478-1976.pdf
HIST-490 1962   Problems in History HIST-490-1962.pdf
HIST-493 1967   Historical Research HIST-493-1967.pdf
HIST-496 1966   Great American Historians HIST-496-1966.pdf
HIST-851VA 1976   Seminar in European History: The Napoleonic Era: 1800-1815 HIST-851VA-1976.pdf
HIST-863VA 1976   Seminare in Empire History HIST-863VA-1976.pdf
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HORT-2000 1996   Landscape and Environmental Appreciation HORT-2000-1996.pdf
HORT-2120 1996   Landscape Plants I HORT-2120-1996.pdf
HORT-2210 1996   Plant Propagation HORT-2210-1996.pdf
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INST-213 1975   International Studies II INST-213-1975.pdf
INST-213 1982   International Studies I INST-213-1982.pdf
INST-2140 1975   International Studies II INST-2140-1975.pdf
INST-214 no date   International Studies II INST-214.pdf
INST-300 1976   Perspectives in International Studies INST-300-1976.pdf
INST-4140 1999   Topics in International Studies INST-4140-1999.pdf



LLS-1000 2005   Introduction to Latino/Latin American Studies LLS-1000-2005.pdf
CLS-1010 1999   Introduction to Chicano/a-Latino/a Studies-Social Sciences CLS-1010-1999.pdf
LLS-1020 2000   Introduction to Chicano(a)/Latino(a) Studies LLS-1020-2000.pdf
CLS-1020 2000   Introduction to Chiano/a-Latino/a Studies-Humanities CLS-1020-2000.pdf
LLS-2900 2007   Special Topics in Latino/Latin American Studies: Social Sciences LLS-2900-2007.pdf
LLS-3800 2007   Special Topics in Latino/Latin American Studies:Humanities LLS-3800-2007.pdf
CLS-3900 2003   Special Topics CLS-3900-2003.pdf
LLS-4900 2005   Independent Study LLS-4900-2005.pdf
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MATH-1200 2003   Quantitative Literacy MATH-1200-2003.pdf
MATH-121 1972   Algebra MATH-121-1972.pdf
MATH-131 1996   Intermediate Algebra MATH-131-1996.pdf
MATH-1320 1996   College Algebra MATH-1320-1996.pdf
MATH-1330 1974   Trigonometry MATH-1330-1974.pdf
MATH-1340 1995   Algebra & Trigonometry for Calculus MATH-1340-1995.pdf
MATH-143 1965   Logic, Sets & Functions MATH-143-1965.pdf
MATH-153 1981   Introduction to Applied Probability and Statistics MATH-153-1981.pdf
MATH-1600 1994   Computer Algebra MATH-1600-1994.pdf
MATH-1930 1989   Calculus for the Managerial, Life, and Social Sciences MATH-1930-1989.pdf
MATH-195/196/197 1996   Calculus I, II, III MATH-195_196_197-1996.pdf
MATH-2000 1996   Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers MATH-2000-1996.pdf
MATH-2010 2004   Geometry Topics for Elementary Teachers MATH-2010-2004.pdf
MATH-2030 1984   Discrete Mathematics MATH-2030-1984.pdf
MATH-2040 2002   Finite Discrete Mathematics for Information Science and Engineering MATH-2040-2002.pdf
MATH-2050 2005   Applied Linear Algebra MATH-2050-2005.pdf
MATH-211 1964   Linear Algebra MATH-211-1964.pdf
MATH-2200 2005   Mathematical Computing I MATH-2200-2005.pdf
MATH-2230 1996   Introduction to Abstract Mathematics MATH-2230-1996.pdf
MATH-225 1964   Calculus of Vector Functions MATH-225-1964.pdf
MATH-235 1968   Advanced Mathematics for Engineers MATH-235-1968.pdf
MATH-305 1974   Linear Algebra MATH-305-1974.pdf
MATH-3100 1996   Applied Combinatorics MATH-3100-1996.pdf
MATH-311 1962   Differential Equations MATH-311-1962.pdf
MATH-3200 2005   Mathematical Computing II MATH-3200-2005.pdf
MATH-3230 1978   Introduction to Analysis MATH-3230-1978.pdf
MATH-330 1978   Numerical Methods MATH-330-1978.pdf
MATH-3350 1986   Differential Equations I MATH-3350-1986.pdf
MATH-3360 1986   Differential Equations II MATH-3360-1986.pdf
MATH-340 1976   Theory of Interest MATH-340-1976.pdf
MATH-350 1975   Selected Topics inMathematics MATH-350-1975.pdf
MATH-353&354 1964   Probability & Statistics I,II MATH-353&354-1964.pdf
MATH-364 no date   Modern Geometry MATH-364.pdf
MATH-364 1962   Modern Geometry MATH-364-1962.pdf
MATH-365 1978   Stochastic Modeling MATH-365-1978.pdf
MATH-370 1974   Introduction to Modern Algebra MATH-370-1974.pdf
MATH-3850 1998   History of Mathematics MATH-3850-1998.pdf
MATH-403 1984   Applied Modern Algebra MATH-403-1984.pdf
MATH-4050/8056 1996   Linear Algebra MATH-4050_8056.pdf
MATH-4120 2002   Abstract Algebra II MATH-4120-2002.pdf
MATH-423 1978   Mathematical Analysis I MATH-423-1978.pdf
MATH-4240 2002   Mathematical Analysis II MATH-4240-2002.pdf
MATH-427 1966   Complex Variables MATH-427-1966.pdf
MATH-429 1967   Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations MATH-429-1967.pdf
MATH-430 1999   Operations Research I MATH-430-1999.pdf
MATH-431 1984   Discrete Optimization MATH-431-1984.pdf
MATH-4310/8316 no date   Operations Research II MATH-4310/8316.pdf
MATH-433 1966   Operational Mathematics MATH-433-1966.pdf
MATH-451 1968   Theory of Numbers MATH-451-1968.pdf
MATH-453 1975   Probability & Statistics I MATH-453-1975.pdf
MATH-454 1975   Probability & Statistics II MATH-454-1975.pdf
MATH-4560 2001   Number Theory & Cryptography MATH-4560-2001.pdf
MATH-4580 2000   Tensor Analysis MATH-4580-2000.pdf
MATH-4580/8586 2000   Tensor Analysis MATH-4580/8586-2000.pdf
MATH-3250 1974   Vectors & Tensors MATH-3250-1974.pdf
MATH-460 1968   Differential Geometry MATH-460-1968.pdf
MATH-461 1978   Elementary Topology MATH-461-1978.pdf
MATH-465 1991   Transform Methods and Applications MATH-465-1991.pdf
MATH-4660/8666 1996   Automata, Computability, and Formal Langauges MATH-4660_8666-1996.pdf
MATH-4740 1998   Introduction to Probability and Statistics I MATH-4740-1998.pdf
MATH-475 1984   Introduction to Probability and Statistics II MATH-475-1984.pdf
MATH-4760 1996   Topics in Modeling MATH-4760-1996.pdf
MATH-4800 2007   Mathematics Education Capstone Course MATH-4800-2007.pdf
MATH-498 1966   Seminar MATH-498-1966.pdf
MATH-499 1964   Independent Studies MATH-499-1964.pdf
STAT-300 1975   Statistical Methods I STAT-300-1975.pdf
STAT-301 1975   Statistical Methods II STAT-301-1975.pdf
STAT-3800 1995   Applied Engineering Probability and Statistics STAT-3800-1995.pdf
STAT-3810 1995   Applied Statistical Analysis for Industrial Problem STAT-3810-1995.pdf
MATH-4150/8156 1989   Graph Theory & Applications MATH-4150_8156-1989.pdf
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NAS-4920 2005   Special Topics in Native American Studies NAS-4920-2005.pdf
NAS-4900 2005   Independent study NAS-4900-2005.pdf


NSCI-2010 1990   Natural Science I NSCI-2010-1990.pdf
NSCI-2020 1990   Natural Science II NSCI-2020-1990.pdf
NSCI-3930 1995   Chemical Communication NSCI-3930-1995.pdf
NSCI-4960 1995   Research Report NSCI-4960-1995.pdf



PHIL-101 1964   Introduction to Philosophy PHIL-101-1964.pdf
PHIL-1020 1990   Contemporary Moral Problems PHIL-1020-1990.pdf
PHIL-121 1974   Critical Reasoning PHIL-121-1974.pdf
PHIL-201 1962   Logic PHIL-201-1962.pdf
PHIL-2020 1998   Philosophy and Religion PHIL-2020-1998.pdf
PHIL-203 1970   Introduction to Ethics PHIL-203_405_1970.pdf
PHIL-405 1970   Contemporary Ethical Philosophy PHIL-203_405_1970.pdf
PHIL-222 1973   Introduction to Aesthetics and Appreciation PHIL-222-1973.pdf
PHIL-2300 2002   Human Values in Medicine PHIL-2300-2002.pdf
PHIL-301 2006   Philosophy of Criminal Justice PHIL-301-2006.pdf
PHIL-302 1974   The Justification of Punishment PHIL-302-1974.pdf
PHIL-305 1981   Contemporary Ethical Philosophy to Ethical Theory PHIL-305-1981.pdf
PHIL-3110 1962   History of Ancient of Philosophy PHIL-3110-1962.pdf
PHIL-313 1962   History of Modern Philosophy PHIL-313-1962.pdf
PHIL-314 1967   19TH Century Philosophy PHIL-314-1967.pdf
PHIL-315 1972   Philosophy of History PHIL-315-1972.pdf
PHIL-317 1983   Ethics in Business PHIL-317-1983.pdf
PHIL-3180/8186 1990   Environmental Ethics PHIL-3180/8186-1990.pdf
PHIL-320 1996   Philosophy of Religion PHIL-320-1966.pdf
PHIL-321 1968   Social Philosophy PHIL-321-1968.pdf
PHIL-326 1962   History of American Philosophy PHIL-326-1962.pdf
PHIL-322 1966   Philosophy of Art PHIL-322-1966.pdf
PHIL-350 1971   Problems in Philosophy PHIL-350-1971.pdf
PHIL-330 1966   Analytic Philosophy PHIL-330-1966.pdf
PHIL-335 1976   Philosophy of LanguAge PHIL-335-1976.pdf
PHIL-337 1976   Concepts of Nature PHIL-337-1976.pdf
PHIL-341 1971   Philosophy of the Social Sciences PHIL-341-1971.pdf
PHIL-342 1964   Symbolic Logic PHIL-342-1964.pdf
PHIL-3430 1998   Philosophy and Religion PHIL-3430-1998.pdf
PHIL-3490 1994   Problems in Philosophy of Feminism PHIL-3490-1994.pdf
PHIL-3510 1971   Existentialism and Phenomenology PHIL-3510-1971.pdf
PHIL-3520 1991   Philosophy and Religion PHIL-3520-1991.pdf
PHIL-3570 1985   Understanding Self-Deception PHIL-3570-1985.pdf
PHIL-360 1977   Theory of Knowledge PHIL-360-1977.pdf
PHIL-361 1977   Philosophy of Language PHIL-361-1977.pdf
PHIL-3700 1991   Philosophy and Religion PHIL-3700-1991.pdf
PHIL-396 1971   Readings in Philosophy PHIL-396-1971.pdf
PHIL-3050 2005   Classical Ethical Theories Contemporary Ethnical Philosophy PHIL-3050-2005.pdf
PHIL-3650 2005   Philosophy of Mind PHIL-3650-2005.pdf
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PHYS-105 no date   Introduction to Physics PHYS-105-NO DATE.pdf
PHYS-103 1985   Physics of Life PHYC-103-1985.pdf
PHYS-103L 1985   Physics of Life Laboratory PHYS-103L-1985.pdf
PHYS-103 1973   Physics of Life PHYS-103-1973.pdf
PHYS-103L 1973   Physics of Life Laboratory PHYS-103L-1973.pdf
PHYS-105L 1973   Introduction to Physics-Laboratory PHYS-105L-1973.pdf
PHYS-1154L 1989   General Physics Laboratory PHYS-1154L-1989.pdf
PHYS-1164L 1989   General Physics Laboratory PHYS-1164L-1989.pdf
PHYS-1354 1997   Observational Astronomy Lab PHYS-1354-1997.pdf
PHYS-175 1970   Fundamentals Physics of Sound PHYS-175-1970.pdf
PHYS-211/212 1935   General Physics PHYS-211&212-1935.pdf
PHYS-211L 1973   General Physics - Cal. Level Laboratory PHYS-211L-1973.pdf
PHYS-212L 1973   General Physics - Cal. Level Laboratory PHYS-212L-1973.pdf
PHYS-213 1977   Modern Physics PHYS-213-1977.pdf
PHYS-215 1982   Cal. Based Gen Physics Supplement -I PHYS-215-1982.pdf
PHYS-216 1982   Cal. Based Gen Physics Supplement -II PHYS-216-1982.pdf
PHYS-135 1993   Priniciples of Astronomy PHYS-135-1993.pdf
PHYS-111/112 2006   General Physics PHYS-111&112-2006.pdf
PHYS-2030 1999   Energy and Fuels PHYS-2030-1999.pdf
PHYS-2040 1999   Radiation Fundamentals PHYS-2040-1999.pdf
PHYS-2350 2002   Special Topics in Astronomy PHYS-2350-2002.pdf
PHYS-301 1962   Elements of Electronics PHYS-301-1962.pdf
PHYS-301L NONE   Elements of Electronics Laboratory PHYS-301L-NODATE.pdf
PHYS-302/356 1977   Optics & Optics Lab PHYS-302&356-1977.pdf
PHYS-305 / PHIL-305 1981   The Philosophy of Space Exploration PHYS-305-1981.pdf
PHYS-315 1967   Modern Developments in Physics PHYS-315-1967.pdf
PHYS-316 1977   Current Topics in Science PHYS-316-1977.pdf
PHYS-325 1993   Mathematical Methods of Physics PHYS-325-1993.pdf
PHYS-3260 2002   Computer Tools for Physicists PHYS-3260-2002.pdf
PHYS-3260 1993   Computer Tools for Physicists PHYS-3260-1993.pdf
PHYS-330 1973   Comptuer Uses in Physics PHYS-330-1973.pdf
PHYS-335 1961   Atmospheric Physics PHYS-335-1961.pdf
PHYS-345 1961   Physical Mechanics PHYS-345-1961.pdf
PHYS-3504 1977   Experimental Physics I PHYS-3504-1977.pdf
PHYS-3524 1977   Experimental Physics II PHYS-3524-1977.pdf
PHYS-3544 1977   Experimental Physics III PHYS-3544-1977.pdf
PHYS-3564 1977   Experimental Physics IV PHYS-3564-1977.pdf
PHYS-440 1985   Geophysics PHYS-440-1985.pdf
PHYS-414 no date   Nuclear Physics Laboratory PHYS-414.pdf
PHYS-3750/8755-1998 1998   Electricity and Magnetism I PHYS-3750&8755-1998.pdf
PHYS-3760/8765-1998 1998   Electricity and Magnetism II PHYS-3760&8765-1998.pdf
PHYS-375/376-1962 1962   Electricity and Magnetism I &II PHYS-375&376-1962.pdf
PHYS-376 no date   Electricity and Magnetism II PHYS-376-No Date.pdf
PHYS-375-1977 1977   Electricity and Magnetism I PHYS-375-1977.pdf
PHYS-367L no date   Electricity and Magnetism Laboratory PHYS-367L-NODATE.pdf
PHYS-367L-1977 1977   Electricity and Magnetism PHYS-367L-1977.pdf
PHYS-385-1962 1962   Heat and Thermodynamics PHYS-385-1962.pdf
PHYS-420-1985 1985   Introduction to Quantum Mechanics PHYS-420-1985.pdf
PHYS-421-1985 1985   Quantum Theory PHYS-421-1985.pdf
PHYS-422-1985 1985   Physics of Molecules and Solids PHYS-422-1985.pdf
PHYS-423-1985 1985   Special Relativity and Nuclear Physics PHYS-423-1985.pdf
PHYS-435-1977 1977   Astrophysics PHYS-435-1977.pdf
PHYS-469-1971 1971   Improv of Inst in Sc Harvard Project Phys PHYS-469-1971.pdf
PHYS-4800-1998 1998   Internship PHYS-4800-1998.pdf
PHYS-495/496 no date   Problem in Physics PHYS-495&496-nodate.pdf
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PSCI-100 1981   Introduction to Political Science PSCI-100-1981.pdf
PSCI-1100 1989   Introduction to American National Government PSCI-1100-1989.pdf
PSCI-200 1978   Introduction to Political Inquiry PSCI-200-1978.pdf
PSCI-2010 1989   Urban Politics PSCI-2010-1989.pdf
PSCI-210 1977   Politics of the 50 States PSCI-210-1977.pdf
PSCI-211 1977   Issues in American Politics PSCI-211-1977.pdf
PSCI-216 1966   Political Parties PSCI-216-1966.pdf
PSCI-217 1967   Presure groups and Public Opinion PSCI-217-1967.pdf
PSCI-2180 2003   Fundamentals of Law and Politics PSCI-2180-2003.pdf
PSCI-221 1966   International Relations PSCI-221-1966.pdf
PSCI-231 1978   Introduction to Political Theory PSCI-231-1978.pdf
PSCI-2500 1990   Introduction to Comparative Politics PSCI-2500-1990.pdf
PSCI-2560 1987   Modern France: 1789 to the Present PSCI-2560-1987.pdf
PSCI-2660 1993   The Peoples of East Central Europe Since 1815 PSCI-2660-1993.pdf
PSCI-300 1973   Applied Statistics & Data Processing in Political Science and Public Administration PSCI-300-1973.pdf
PSCI-302 1980   Political Socializations PSCI-302-1980.pdf
PSCI-3040 1989   The Government and Politics of Nebraska PSCI-3040-1989.pdf
PSCI-310 1970   Minority Politics PSCI-310-1970.pdf
PSCI-312 1972   The African-American Experience in American Politics PSCI-312-1972.pdf
PSCI-3130 1992   Women and Politics PSCI-3130-1992.pdf
PSCI-3140 2002   Latino/a Politics PSCI-3140-2002.pdf
PSCI-3150 2006   Asian Pacific Americans and the New Minority Politics PSCI-3150-2006.pdf
PSCI-316 1977   Political Parties PSCI-316-1977.pdf
PSCI-317 1977   Interest Groups PSCI-317-1977.pdf
PSCI-322 1966   International Organization PSCI-322-1966.pdf
PSCI-3230 2005   Gender and Global Politics PSCI-3230-2005.pdf
PSCI-326 1966   United States Foreign Policy PSCI-326-1966.pdf
PSCI-334 1977   American Political Thought PSCI-334-1977.pdf
PSCI-350 1980   Politics in Western Europe PSCI-350-1980.pdf
PSCI-356 1977   Government and Politics of Eastcentral Europe PSCI-356-1977.pdf
PSCI-358 1977   Government and Politics of East Central Eurasia PSCI-358-1977.pdf
PSCI-364 1977   Politics of the PRC and the Pacific Rim PSCI-364-1977.pdf
PSCI-366 1977   Politics of Japan and the Pacific Rim PSCI-366-1977.pdf
PSCI-466 1977   Government and Politics of Communist Asia PSCI-466-1977.pdf
PSCI-368 1977   Latin American Politics PSCI-368-1977.pdf
PSCI-3920 1989   Topics in Political Science PSCI-3920-1989.pdf
PSCI-400 1970   Concepts of Political Behavior PSCI-400-1970.pdf
PSCI-403 1967   Pol. Sci: 403 The Presidency PSCI-403-1967.pdf
PSCI-404 1967   Pol. Sci: 404 The Legislative Process PSCI-404-1967.pdf
PSCI-405 1967   Pol.Sci: 405 The Judicial Process PSCI-405-1967.pdf
PSCI-412 1969   Public Opinion and Political Behavior PSCI-412-1969.pdf
PSCI-417 1977   Constitutional Law I: Foundations PSCI-417-1977.pdf
PSCI-418 1977   Constitutional Law II: The Federal System PSCI-418-1977.pdf
PSCI-419 1975   Constitutional Law III: Civil Liberties PSCI-419-1975.pdf
PSCI-420 1996   International Politics of the Pacific Rim PSCI-420-1996.pdf
PSCI-421 1969   Foreign Policy of Russia PSCI-421-1969.pdf
PSCI-428 1968   Inter-American Politics PSCI-428-1968.pdf
PSCI-428/8286 1990   Inter-American Politics PSCI-428-1990.pdf
PSCI-4310 2003   Classical Political Theory PSCI-4310-2003.pdf
PSCI-4320 2003   Early Modern Theory PSCI-4320-2003.pdf
PSCI-433 2003   Late Modern Political Theory PSCI-433-2003.pdf
PSCI-4340/8346 2003   Contemporary Political Theory PSCI-4340-2003.pdf
PSCI-435 1970   Democracy PSCI-435-1970.pdf
PSCI-436 1970   Dictatorship PSCI-436-1970.pdf
PSCI-437 1963   Comparative Socialist Systems PSCI-437-1963.pdf
PSCI-450 1969   Government and Politics of Great Britain PSCI-450-1969.pdf
PSCI-452 1980   Politics in France PSCI-452-1980.pdf
PSCI-490 1977   Readings and Independent Studies in Political Science PSCI-490-1977.pdf
PSCI-491 1974   Government Internship PSCI-491-1974.pdf
PSCI-4920 2005   Advanced Topics in Political Science PSCI-4920-2005.pdf
PSCI-4950 1991   Senior Seminar in Political Science PSCI-4950-1991.pdf
PSCI-317 1966   Introduction to Public Adminsistration PSCI-317-1966.pdf
PSCI-440 1967   Public Budgeting PSCI-440-1967.pdf
PSCI-441 1966   Public Personnel Management PSCI-441-1966.pdf
PSCI-443 1968   Municipal Administration PSCI-443-1968.pdf
PSCI-445 1968   State Administration PSCI-445-1968.pdf
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PSYC-101 1990   Introduction to Psychology PSYC-101-1990.pdf
PSYC-102 1979   Introduction to Psychology II PSYC-102-1979.pdf
PSYC-102L 1974   Laboratory: Introduction to Psychology PSYC-102L-1974.pdf
PSYC-161 None   Life in Black America: A Psychological Analysis PSYC-161-NODATE.pdf
PSYC-2000 2006   Careers in Psychology PSYC-2000-2006.pdf
PSYC-213 1974   Introduction to Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences PSYC-213-1974.pdf
PSYC-214 1980   Methods of Psychological Inquiry PSYC-214-1980.pdf
PSYC-250 1977   Life Span Psychology PSYC-250-1977.pdf
PSYC-260 1979   Applied Psychology PSYC-260-1979.pdf
PSYC-301 1964   Experimental Psychology of Learning PSYC-301-1964.pdf
PSYC-3014 1995   Laboratory in Psychology: Learning PSYC-3014-1995.pdf
PSYC-3070 1990   Cognitive Psychology PSYC-3070-1990.pdf
PSYC-3074 1992   Laboratory in Psychology: Cognition PSYC-3074-1992.pdf
PSYC-3130 2007   Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences PSYC-3130-2007.pdf
PSYC-3140 1999   Methods of Psychological Inquiry PSYC-3140-1999.pdf
PSYC-321 1968   Experimental Psychology of Sensation & Perception PSYC-321-1968.pdf
PSYC-3214 1992   Laboratory in Psychology: Sensation & Perception PSYC-3214-1992.pdf
PSYC-323 1966   Physiological Psychology PSYC-323-1966.pdf
PSYC-3234 1992   Laboratory in Psychology: Physiological Psychology PSYC-3234-1992.pdf
PSYC-341 1961   Survey of a Clinical Psychology PSYC-341-1961.pdf
PSYC-343 1967   Personality & Adjustment PSYC-343-1967.pdf
PSYC-345 1962   Social Psychology PSYC-345-1962.pdf
PSYC-351 1958   Educational Psychology PSYC-351-1958.pdf
PSYC-352 1968   Child Psychology PSYC-352-1968.pdf
PSYC-354 1961   Psychology of Adolescence and Adulthood PSYC-354-1961.pdf
PSYC-401 1970   History of Psychology PSYC-401-1970.pdf
PSYC-4020 1999   Learning PSYC-4020-1999.pdf
PSYC-3630 1997   Organizational Psychology PSYC-3630-1997.pdf
PSYC-3640 1997   Personnel Psychology PSYC-3640-1997.pdf
PSYC-4024 1999   Laboratory in Psychology: Learning PSYC-4024-1999.pdf
PSYC-403 1968   Psychology of Motivation PSYC-403-1968.pdf
PSYC-406 1970   Environmental Psychology PSYC-406-1970.pdf
PSYC-4070 1999   Cognitive Psychology PSYC-4070-1999.pdf
PSYC-407 1968   Cognitive Processes: Thinking and Imagination PSYC-407-1968.pdf
PSYC-4074 2006   Laboratory in Psychology: Cognition PSYC-4074-2006.pdf
PSYC-4210 1999   Sensation and Perception PSYC-4210-1999.pdf
PSYC-4214 2005   Laboratory Research in Psychology: Sensation and Perception PSYC-4214-2005.pdf
PSYC-4230 1999   Behavioral Neuroscience PSYC-4230-1999.pdf
PSYC-4234 1999   Laboratory in Psychology: Behavioral Neuroscience PSYC-4234-1999.pdf
PSYC-425 1974   Limits of Consciousness PSYC-425-1974.pdf
PSYC-427 1996   Animal Behavior PSYC-427-1996.pdf
PSYC-4280 2005   Laboratory in Psychology: Animal Behavior PSYC-4280-2005.pdf
PSYC-431 1996   Psychological and Educational Testing PSYC-431-1996.pdf
PSYC-4320 2006   Hormones & Behavior PSYC-4320-2006.pdf
PSYC-433/833M 1985   Individual Differences PSYC-433_833M-1985.pdf
PSYC-443 1967   Psychoanalytic Psychology PSYC-443-1967.pdf
PSYC-444 1967   Abnormal Psychology PSYC-444-1967.pdf
PSYC-445 1968   Personality Theories PSYC-445-1968.pdf
PSYC-448/848 1975   Eastern Psychology PSYC-448-848-1975.pdf
PSYC-452 1969   Intro to General & Experimental Linguistic PSYC-452-1969.pdf
PSYC-457 1983   Behavior Analysis & Interventions changed PSYC-457-1983.pdf
PSYC-459-859M 1982   Psychology of Exceptional Children PSYC-459-859M-1982.pdf
PSYC-4470 1998   Mental Health & Aging PSYC-4470-1998.pdf
PSYC-4460 1996   Psychology of Adult Development & Aging PSYC-4460-1996.pdf
PSYC-459 1967   Psychology of Exceptional Children PSYC-459-1967.pdf
PSYC-4600 1987   Psychopathology of Youth PSYC-4600-1987.pdf
PSYC-4610/8616 1995   Human Factors Engineering PSYC-4610_8616-1996.pdf
PSYC-4630/8636 2002   Organizational Psychology PSYC-4630_8636-2002.pdf
PSYC-4640/8646 2001   Personnel Psychology PSYC-4640_8646-2001.pdf
PSYC-490 1973   Readings in Psychology PSYC-490-1973.pdf
PSYC-491/891M 1974   Research Problems in Physiological Psychology PSYC-491_891M.pdf
PSYC-492 1974   Special Topics in Psychology PSYC-492-1974.pdf
PSYC-496 1973   Research Problems in Psychology PSYC-496-1973.pdf
PSYC-4990 1993   Senior Thesis PSYC-4990-1993.pdf
PSYC-8436 1989   Psychoanalytic Psychology PSYC-8436-1989.pdf
PSYC-8476 1989   Jungian Psychology PSYC-8476-1989.pdf
PSYC-850V 1982   Introduction to School Psychology PSYC-850V-1982.pdf
PSYC-909 1982   Theory of Measurement and Design PSYC-909-1982.pdf
PSYC-912 1983   Multivariate Statistical Analysis PSYC-912-1983.pdf
PSYC-979 1982   Seminar in School Psychology PSYC-979-1982.pdf
PSYC-999 1982   Dissertation PSYC-999-1982.pdf
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RELI-101 1984   Intro to World Religions RELI-101-1984.pdf
RELI-211 1970   African and American Indian Religion RELI-211-1970.pdf
RELI-2150 2002   Introduction to the Old Testament RELI-2150-2002.pdf
RELI-2160 1962   Introduction to the Old Testament RELI-2160-1962.pdf
RELI-219 1986   The Modern Middle East RELI-219-1986.pdf
RELI-2200 2005   Introduction to Religious Ethics RELI-2200-2005.pdf
RELI-2300 1989   Introduction to Jewish Ethics RELI-2300-1984.pdf
RELI-240 1973   Religion in America RELI-240-1973.pdf
RELI-3010 2002   Methods and Phenomenalogy of Religious Studies RELI-3010-2002.pdf
RELI-3020 1992   Native American Religions RELI-3020-1992.pdf
RELI-3030 1994   Shamanism RELI-3030-1994.pdf
RELI-3050 2006   Religions of the East RELI-3050-2006.pdf
RELI-312 1979   The Hebrew Prophets RELI-312-1979.pdf
RELI-3130 2001   Women and the Bible RELI-3130-2001.pdf
RELI-315 1993   The Judaic Tradition RELI-315-1993.pdf
RELI-3170 1962   History of Christranity RELI-3170-1962.pdf
RELI-320 1983   Islam RELI-320-1983.pdf
RELI-322 1969   Religion & Reason RELI-322-1969.pdf
RELI-3250 1992   The Feminine in Mythology RELI-3250-1992.pdf
RELI-331 1962   Contemporary Religious Thought RELI-331-1962.pdf
RELI-333 1991   Roman Catholic Theology Today RELI-333-1991.pdf
RELI-342 1964   Religious Thoughts in America RELI-342-1964.pdf
RELI-3500 1973   Special Topics in Religion RELI-3500-1973.pdf
RELI-396 1971   Readings in Religion RELI-396-1971.pdf
RELI-4010 2003   Senior Seminar in Religion RELI-4010-2003.pdf
RELI-402 No date   The Buddhist Tradition RELI-402-NODATE.pdf
RELI-4040 2003   Religion and Homosexuality RELI-4040-2003.pdf
RELI-415 1981   Philosophy and Religion RELI-415-1981.pdf
RELI-MJ 1981   Bibliography of Basic Sources for Modern Judism RELI-MJ-1981.pdf
RELI-4300 1970   Existentialism and Religious Thought RELI-4300-1970.pdf
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SOC-101 1970   Introduction to Sociology SOC-101-1970.pdf
SOC-200 1985   Introduction to Gerontology SOC-200-1985.pdf
SOC-210 1964   Social Problems SOC-210-1964.pdf
SOC-213 1964   Basic Statistics SOC-213-1964.pdf
SOC-215 1978   Marriage and the Family SOC-215-1978.pdf
SOC-218 1981   Occupations and Careers SOC-218-1981.pdf
SOC-219 1986   The Modern Middle East SOC-219-1986.pdf
SOC-251 1978   Empirical Social Inquiry SOC-251-1978.pdf
SOC-280 1981   Major Social Issues SOC-280-1981.pdf
SOC-3100 1992   Social Aspects of Sport and Leisure SOC-3100-1992.pdf
SOC-314 1968   American Society SOC-314-1968.pdf
ANTH-322 1969   Indians of North America ANTH-322-1969.pdf
SOC-345 1962   Social Psychology SOC-345-1962.pdf
SOC-361 1964   Social Organization SOC-361-1962.pdf
SOC-363 1966   Comparative Social Institutions SOC-363-1966.pdf
SOC-369 1964   Social Stratification SOC-369-1964.pdf
SOC-380 1964   Occupational Sociology SOC-380-1964.pdf
SOC-380 1980   Work and Society SOC-380-1980.pdf
SOC-381 1966   Sociology of Education SOC-381-1966.pdf
SOC-382 1968   Medical Sociology SOC-382-1968.pdf
SOC-384 1991   World Populations and Social Issues SOC-384-1991.pdf
SOC-3850 1992   Society, Environment, and Resource Conservation SOC-3850-1992.pdf
SOC-390 1964   Ethnic Group Relations SOC-390-1964.pdf
SOC-3950 2002   Sociology of Latin America SOC-3950-2000.pdf
SOC-402 1981   Collective Behavior SOC-402-1981.pdf
SOC-410 1964   The Community SOC-410-1964.pdf
SOC-411 1972   Applied Social Gerontology SOC-411-1972.pdf
SOC-412 1981   Urban Geography SOC-412-1981.pdf
SOC-413 1993   Sociology of Deviant Behavior SOC-413-1993.pdf
SOC-414 1981   Urban Sociology SOC-414-1981.pdf
SOC-415 1978   American Family Problems SOC-415-1978.pdf
SOC-4250/8256 1997   Latino/a Migration in the World Economy SOC-4250_8256-1997.pdf
SOC-430 1978   Sociology of Feminism SOC-430-1978.pdf
SOC-4500/8506 1993   Law, the Family, and Public Policy SOC-4500_8506-1993.pdf
SOC-451 1979   Advanced Qualitative Methods SOC-451-1979.pdf
SOC-453 1971   Seminar in Cross-Cultural Communication SOC-453-1971.pdf
SOC-ANTH-4550/8556 2001   Social Diversity in Organizations SOC-ANTH-4550/8556.pdf
SOC-462 1964   Sociology of formal Orginazations SOC-462-1964.pdf
SOC-471 1964   Development of Sociological Theory SOC-471-1964.pdf
SOC-472 1965   Contemporary Sociological Theory SOC-472-1965.pdf
SOC-475 1965   Social Change SOC-475-1965.pdf
SOC-4820 1989   Research Project Seminar SOC-4820-1989.pdf
SOC-483 1970   Sociology of Mental Illness SOC-483-1970.pdf
SOC-485 1969   Sociology of Religion SOC-485-1969.pdf
SOC-ANTH-4900 1996   Senior Thesis SOC-4900-1996.pdf
SOC-491 1966   Internship in Local Government SOC-491-1996.pdf
SOC-321 1969   Cultures of African Peoples SOC-321-1969.pdf
SOC-4250/8256 1995   Latino a Migration in the World Economy SOC-4250/8256-1995.pdf
ANTH-105 1964   Introduction to General Anthropology ANTH-105-1964.pdf
ANTH-2000 1995   Ethnography ANTH-2000-1995.pdf
ANTH-299 1972   Guided Reading ANTH-299-1972.pdf
ANTH-326 1976   World Cultures and People ANTH-326-1976.pdf
ANTH-3910 1997   Introduction to Physical Anthropology ANTH-3910-1997.pdf
ANTH-420 1975   Urban Anthropology ANTH-420-1975.pdf
ANTH-426 1976   Topics in Ethnology ANTH-426-1976.pdf
ANTH-4230 2003   Ethnomedicines of the Americas ANTH-4230-2003.pdf
ANTH-422 1968   North American Archaeology ANTH-422-1968.pdf
ANTH-421 1968   Cultural Anthropology ANTH-421-1968.pdf
ANTH-490 1972   Anthropological Research ANTH-490-1972.pdf
ANTH-492 1969   Seminar in Anthropolgoical Problems ANTH-492-1969.pdf
SOC-480 1974   Contemporary Topics in Sociology SOC-480-1974.pdf
SOC-499 1993   Independent Study SOC-499-1993.pdf
SOWF-345 1969   Introduction to Social Welfare SOWF-345-1969.pdf
SOWF-346 1969   Community Social Welfare Resources SOWF-346-1969.pdf
SOWF-443 1970   Social Welfare Methods: Clinical SOWF-443-1970.pdf
SOWF-444 1970   Social Welfare Methods: Strategy SOWF-444-1970.pdf
SOWF-446 1968   Field Experiments in Social Welfare SOWF-446-1968.pdf
SOWF-447 1969   Advanced Field Experiments in Social Welfare SOWF-447-1969.pdf
SOWF-494 1970   Applicaton of Social Theory to Social Practice SOWF-494-1970.pdf
SOWF-495 1971   Projects in Social Welfare Services SOWF-495-1971.pdf
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SSCI-2000 1991   Social Science Issues I SSCI-2000-1991.pdf
SSCI-2100 1991   Social Science Issues II SSCI-2100-1991.pdf



WMST-2010 1987   Introduction to Women's Studies: Social and Behavioral Sciences WMST-2010-1987.pdf
WMST-2020 1987   Introduction to Women's Studies: The Humanities WMST-2020-1987.pdf
WMST-2030 2006   Introductory Topics in Women's Studies WMST-2030-2006.pdf
WMST-3000 2002   Special Topics in Lit WMST-3000-2002.pdf
WMST-4010 2000   Women's Studies Senior Seminar WMST-4010-2000.pdf
WMST-4020 2006   Internship in Women's Studies WMST-4020-2006.pdf
WMST-4050 2006   Special Topics in Women's Studies WMST-4050-2006.pdf
WMST-4060/8066 2003   History of Women in the United States WMST-4060-2003.pdf
WMST-4250 2002   Introduction to Women's Studies in Literature WMST-4250-2002.pdf
WMST-4260 2002   Women of Color Writers WMST-4260-2002.pdf
WMST-4270 2002   Women Writers of the West WMST-4270-2002.pdf
WMST-4470/8476 2003   American Medicine and Public Health WMST-4470-2003.pdf
WMST-4910/8916 2003   Topics in Women's History WMST-4910-2003.pdf
WMST-4990 1994   Independent Study WMST-4990-2003.pdf
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