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College of Arts and Sciences

the alumni outstanding teacher award for arts and sciences - category 1.

the requirements

Eligibility: Tenured and tenure-track Arts and Sciences faculty who have completed three full years of teaching at UNO and have not received this award for at least five years are eligible. Apart from meeting the three year requirement, nominees may be at any station in their careers including "rising star" and "life-time achiever."

Criteria: Contributions beyond the classroom are expected and might include advising, independent studies, thesis committee service, pedagogical research, course revisions and new course development, service to faculty and/or program development, as well as relevant professional service to the community and participation in professional organizations.

Nominators: Nominators may be students, faculty, staff, and alumni of UNO. Self nominations are accepted. (nomination form)

Submissions: All supporting materials must fit within a one-inch thick, tabbed, three-ring binder provided by the dean’s office.  Required supporting materials include a curriculum vitae, statement of teaching philosophy, summary of teaching assignments and teaching-related assignments, at least two letters of support, and teaching evaluation summary sheets.

The following listing represents the required organization for all supporting materials:

  • Tab A. Curriculum Vitae(limited to six pages)emphasizing teaching accomplishments
  • Tab B. Statement of Teaching Philosophy(maximum of one page)
  • Tab C. Summary of Teaching Assignments and Teaching-related Assignments (maximum of one page)
  • Tab D. Letters of Support(a maximum of three letters from peers and five letters from students) Letters should address the impact of the nominee's teaching activity and how the nominee compares with other faculty in areas of teaching excellence. Letters of support will be solicited by the dean’s office following receipt of a listing of names and contact information from the nominee.
  • Tab E. Teaching Evaluation
    Copies of UNO student evaluations (i.e. summary sheets) for the past five years
    Sample copy of each student evaluation form
  • Tabe F. Supplemental Teaching
    Student comments from teaching evaluations
    Evidence of curriculum development (summary as opposed to syllabi)
    Summary of innovation
    Summary of teaching development efforts such as TABS
  • Tab G. Teaching Outside the Classroom
    The following are examples not requirements:
    Presentations at other institutions, conferences, community organizations
    Dissertation or thesis supervision or committee service
    Sponsoring or participating in student groups
    Teaching Circles
    Participation in university programs such as the Honors Program or International Studies
  • Tab H. Service
    The following are examples not requirements:
    Participation on college teaching-related committees
    Service to profession
  • Tab I. Research, Scholarship, & Creative Activities
    The following are examples not requirements:
    Research indicating teacher-scholar values
    Publication of teaching-related research
    Creative activities in field

the process

Nomination: Nomination forms may be submitted either in hard copy or via email to Joan Bell by April 11, 2014.  As secretary to the Advisory Committee, Joan will send out a congratulatory email to all nominees, copied to department chairs (and/or nominators) which will include the url for the award procedures and requirements. (nomination form)

Letters of Support: The dean’s office will solicit all letters of support.  Nominees will submit a list of names and contact information for letters of support to Joan no later than August 1, 2014.   For those listed who are not current employees or students of UNO, nominees must provide a home, business, or email address.

Nominees may want to also contact their list of supporters directly to encourage their participation.

Nominees are encouraged to supply a few more names than the required number of support letters to increase the likelihood of sufficient responses. 

Letters of support may be submitted either in hard copy or digital format to these respective addresses:

Joan Bell
6001 Dodge Street
University of Nebraska at Omaha
AS 280
Omaha, NE 68182-0013                         OR                     

All letters will be forwarded to respective nominees so that nominees may select which letters to include and include those letters with the final applications.

All applications and supporting materials must be received no later than October 3, 2014. 

Committee Review: The Advisory Committee will work throughout the fall semester reviewing award materials.  Their recommendations to the dean will be completed no later than the end of November. 

Award Announcements: Letters of congratulations from the dean will go out to all award winners as well as all nominees no later than the end of December.  Copies will be sent to respective department chairs.


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