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faculty awards.

The College of Arts and Sciences solicits nominations for faculty awards for excellence in teaching, research, and service each year. Nominees may be "rising stars" or "life time achievers." Departments are encouraged to conclude annual review discussions each year with consideration of which faculty should go forward for which awards.

The college Advisory Committee serves as the selection committee and anticipates deciding the awards annually, provided the number and nature of applications are sufficient. All applications are good for two years and applicants will be given the option of updating their applications for the second year's competition or resubmitting them in their original form.

Each award includes a $1,000 stipend, a plaque, and recognition at an annual reception. Most nominees agree, however, that the greater reward comes as a direct result of the application process. The application, especially the feedback gathered from colleagues and students, can deliver fresh focus and new inspiration for years to come. The teaching and research award processes are also designed to help prepare faculty for similar competitions at the campus level which carry additional rewards for faculty, departments, and the college.

Click here for the nomination form for all awards. Please direct questions as well as submissions to the secretary for the Advisory Committee, Joan Bell.

College of Arts and Sciences Teaching Awards recognize faculty whose distinguished performance in classroom teaching is exemplified by their ability to educate and motivate students to develop the full range of their intellectual talents. 

Each year, the College recognizes excellence in teaching in three categories:

Category 1   Tenured and tenure-track faculty: the Alumni Outstanding Teacher Award
Category 2   Full-time Lecturers and Instructors: Excellence in Teaching  Award - FT
Category 3   Part-time Lecturers: Excellence in Teaching Award - PT

We anticipate that the number of awards in each category each year will be proportional to the number of eligible teachers and, normally, will be three awards in Category 1, one award in Category 2, and two awards in Category 3.  

College of Arts and Sciences Research Awards recognize graduate faculty for preeminent achievement in research or creative activities that demonstrate originality and distinction.

College of Arts and Sciences Service Awards recognize faculty for their contributions to the essential work of UNO at the highest level of excellence. 


The deadline for all nomination forms for 2014-2015 is April 11, 2014.

Please see individual award pages for additional deadlines.