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academic advising.


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Here is some quick information that may help you with advising:



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  • If you’re an Arts & Sciences student with 27 or more hours AND a declared major you’ll need to see a faculty member from your major for advising.  To make an appointment with your faculty advisor, contact the main office for your major.  Here’s a list of contact numbers.

  • If you have fewer than 27 hours or you’re still undecided, you’ll need to see an advisor in the Undergraduate Advising office. (AS 240 /280)  To make an appointment with us in the Undergraduate Advising office, you can schedule an appointment via our online scheduler:

  • If you’re pretty confident that you understand your curriculum and know exactly what you’d like to take, try using one of our course approval forms, and you can have a hold lifted without making an appointment.   (Course approval forms are intended to simply communicate the courses that you intend to take to your advisor, so that we can lift your hold and you can register.   They are NOT intended to be in lieu of advising.  You should still meet with your advisor regularly.)

  • If you need a refresher about general education requirements, check out our resources page for some forms that might help.

  • If you are unable to use the online scheduler or you’re not sure whom to see for advising, please call the Arts and Sciences Advising Office at (402) 554-2458 during regular business hours.  (8 to 5 Monday-Friday, Arts and Sciences Hall, Room 240.)