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College of Arts and Sciences

advisory committee.

The Advisory Committee generally meets on the third Friday each month from September through April at 1:00 p.m.

The charge of the Advisory Committee is to meet with the Dean and lend their expertise and advice on any number of college matters, including matters initiated by the Dean, the Committee or the Faculty, college legislation formulation and implementation, college meetings, appointment of parliamentarian, college staff, facilities, and equipment, and strategic planning. (See also CAS Bylaws Articles IV, V, VI, VIII, and XI.)


Meeting Dates for 2014-2015

September 19
October 3 (first Friday)
October 17
November 21
December (no meeting)
January 16
February 20
March 20
April 17


Advisory Committee Members

Kristin Girten (Humanities)
Jonathan Santo (Social Sciences)
Griff Elder (Natural Sciences) on leave 2014-2015, to be replaced by Renat Sabirianov

Lisabeth Buchelt (Humanities) on leave Fall 2014
Timi Barone (Social Sciences)
John McCarty (Natural Sciences)

Carolyn Gascoigne (Humanities)
Suzanne Sollars (Social Sciences)
George Engelmann (Natural Sciences)