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looks/works like this (building plus parking):

Map Us
or simply like this:

Your own text, building name etc.

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buildit documentation

widget: 'Map Us'

Why use it?

Want users to be able to locate and get directions to your building? Maybe you'd like to show a UNO parking map, or the campus shuttle routes. The 'Map Us' widget makes it all possible – so read on.

How to use it

This one's really simple. All you need to do is decide which building you'd like to link and note its 'variable.' Then decide whether to show the parking or shuttle overlays. And finally, insert the 'variable' into the source code below, paste it all into your page (or create an include for use on multiple pages), and that's it – you're ready to be 'mapped!'

1. choose the location/feature to display on the map:

Specific buildings are listed below, followed by their corresponding 'variable.' Choose one of the variables (in bold).

  • Al Caniglia Field - 1
  • Allwine Hall - 2
  • Arts & Sciences Hall - 3
  • Center Building - 4
  • Center Dome - 5
  • Center Storage - 6
  • Central Utilities Plant - 7
  • Child Care Center-Annex 47 - 8
  • College of Public Affairs & Community Service - 9
  • Criss Library - 10
  • Durham Science Center - 11
  • Eppley Administration Building - 12
  • Health Physical Education & Recreation - 13
  • Henningson Campanile - 14
  • Kayser Hall - 15
  • Landscape Services-Annex - 16
  • Mammel Hall - 17
  • Maverick Village Clubhouse - 18
  • Maverick Village Housing (8 Buildings) - 19
  • Milo Bail Student Center - 20
  • Parking Structure 1 - 21
  • Parking Structure 2 - 22
  • Pep Bowl - 23
  • Peter Kiewit Institute - 24
  • Resources Conservation & Recovery Area - 25
  • Roskens Hall - 26
  • Sapp Field House - 27
  • Scott Conference Center - 28
  • Scott Court Housing - 29
  • Scott Residence Hall - 30
  • Scott Village Clubhouse - 31
  • Scott Village Housing (10 Buildings) - 32
  • Sculpture/Ceramics Studio - 33
  • Stadium-East - 34
  • Stadium-North - 35
  • Stadium-West - 36
  • Strauss Performing Arts Center - 37
  • Thompson Alumni Center - 38
  • University Village Clubhouse - 39
  • University Village Housing (2 Small, 5 Large) - 40
  • Weber Fine Arts Building - 41
  • Welcome Center-Annex 24 - 42
2. use your chosen 'variables' to create the correct link to the map

Look at the three choices below. Copy your choice and then edit only the 'variable' portion (in bold) – replacing it with the 'variable' you chose above.

link to just the building:

<div class="lrcol-box">
    <a href=""><img src="" alt="Map Us" /></a>

link to the building with parking overlay:

Note that this HREF is formed differently, using php – we have to do it this way so that our code will validate.

<div class="lrcol-box">
    <a href="<?php echo rawurldecode(';parking=parking'); ?>"><img src="" alt="Map Us" /></a>

link to the building with parking and shuttle overlays:

<div class="lrcol-box">
    <a href="<?php echo rawurldecode(';parking=parking&amp;shuttle=shuttle'); ?>"><img src="" alt="Map Us" /></a>

3. put the edited code in your page <body>'s left or right column – or save it as an include (see below) if you'd like to use it on several pages

note: do not paste your code inside of an existing include – like the 'inside,' 'unomaha,' or 'also' includes)

That's it – you're done. Optionally, you can just link from regular text – without the 'map us' graphic. To do that, use this code:

<a href="">Your Link Text</a>


<a href="<?php echo rawurldecode(';parking=parking'); ?>">Your Link Text</a>

optinal – 4. use this code in your page <body> to call as an include:

<?php include('/web/yoursite/inc/map-us.htm'); ?>


Don't make changes that compromise the designed function or appearance of the widgets. They should look, and behave, the same way no matter where they appear. Changes to font sizes, link colors, and/or other elements cause uncertainty for users, and compromise the visual and functional design that is part of the UNO brand. So please, use the widgets only as they are designed, and only for their intended uses. This widget is only for use in the left-hand column of the WTA_00, WTA_01, WTA_02, or WTA_04 templates – or the right-hand column of the WTA_02 template (if you are using just a regular text HREF you can use it anywhere in the 'Main Content' area of any of the templates).

Content last modified: November 22, 2011, 11:11am