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Works of Media Appreciation

Fanart: Works of Media Appreciation

The work of artist Chris Knudtson will be on display in the Criss Library's Osborne Family Gallery beginning Friday, May 10. Knudtson's work draws entirely from popular culture and features mosaics, paintings and scale models from famous movies, television shows and video games. Knudtson's work will be on display in the Criss Library, during regular library hours, until June 21.

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Through the Lens

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Seven Days Makes a Difference

photos by Jeff Beiermann/UNO

Hundreds of volunteers from the UNO, Omaha and Council Bluffs communities participated in this year's Seven Days of Service. Now in its 11th year, Seven Days of Service uses the week designated for Spring Break to give back to the Omaha Metro area. This year volunteers provided assistance to area organizations like Habitat for Humanity, the Southern Sudan Community Association and Lauritzen Gardens.

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Now Hear This Archive

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Student Elections Sept. 29 and 30

Michael Crabb (left) and Matt Nelson (right) are this year's candidates for UNO student president/regent. Click on the two soundfiles to hear them talk about their campus issues and concerns. Students can vote online at starting Sept. 29.

School of Communication

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Elizabeth Dahl

Political Science Professor Volunteers at Olympics

photo courtesy of Elizabeth Dahl

Political Science assistant professor Elizabeth Dahl spent a few weeks in Beijing for the 2008 Summer Olympics. Dahl, who spent much of her time as a volunteer translator for tourists, documented her visit to Beijing at her blog. In this photo Dahl stands near the National Aquatics Center in Beijing.

Dahl's Journal

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BIGPIC - 09.21 > Cast of Characters

<?php include("/var/www/html/enotes/inc/bigpic/2012/0922.htm"); ?> Meet the cast for the upcoming fall UNO Department of Theatre production of William Shakespeare's tragedy, 'Titus Andronicus.'

TUBE - 08.09 > UNO SummerWorks 2012

<?php include("/var/www/html/enotes/inc/tube/2012/0809.htm"); ?> The University of Nebraska at Omaha's SummerWorks program is a summer youth employent academy for 15- to 18-year-olds.

BIGPIC - 08.08 > Nebraska Biomechanics Core Facility Hosts Global Participants

<?php include("/var/www/html/enotes/inc/bigpic/2012/0809.htm"); ?> Scientists and clinicians from all over the world traveled to Omaha recently for an intense five-day sumer workshop.

TTL - 07.05 > July 4th Bell Concert

<?php include("/var/www/html/enotes/inc/ttl/2012/0706.htm"); ?> Patriotic music was in the air Wednesday morning as UNO's Dr. James Johnson gave his annual 4th of July concert on the UNO carillon.

TTL - 07.03 > Summer Scholars Students Celebrate

<?php include("/var/www/html/enotes/inc/ttl/2012/0704.htm"); ?> Many of the 63 students that were part of this year's Summer Scholars program, and more than a couple alumni of the program celebrated the completion of UNO's Summer Scholars Program.

BIGPIC - 06.26 > Pond Construction Begins

<?php include("/var/www/html/enotes/inc/bigpic/2012/0627.htm"); ?> Work is under way to bring a Bioretention Pond to UNO's campus.

BIGPIC - 06.19 > Library's Marc Gordon Named Employee of the Month

<?php include("/var/www/html/enotes/inc/bigpic/2012/0620.htm"); ?> Marc Gordon began working at UNO on the Criss Library renovation project five-years ago, but with construction finished, he has stayed on as building services manager for the facility.

BIGPIC - 06.18 > Students, Teachers, Visit UNO for Civic Leadership Education

<?php include("/var/www/html/enotes/inc/bigpic/2012/0619.htm"); ?> The UNO Political Science Department will be taking high school seniors from around the state, as well as their government teachers, to Washington D.C. this week as part of the Nebraska Civic Leadership Project, which started June 10.

TTL - 06.11 > Up, Up and Away

<?php include("/var/www/html/enotes/inc/ttl/2012/0612.htm"); ?> Students participating in UNO's Eureka program started at ground level and moved to the sky this week (June 4-8).

BIGPIC - 05.11 > P-16 Initiative Honored by Lewis & Clark

<?php include("/var/www/html/enotes/inc/bigpic/2012/0512.htm"); ?> The UNO Service Learning Academy's P-16 Initiative is honored by Lewis and Clark Middle School.

BIGPIC - 05.08 > UNO Donates Supplies to Students

<?php include("/var/www/html/enotes/inc/bigpic/2012/0509.htm"); ?> On Monday, May 7 representatives from UNO, Creighton, KETV, and The Salvation Army gathered at the Salvation Army's Kroc Center to donate over 15,000 school supplies to local area children.

BIGPIC - 05.07 > Spirit of Service Award Winner

<?php include("/var/www/html/enotes/inc/bigpic/2012/0508.htm"); ?> Nate Bock, a counselor in UNO's Counseling Center, Wednesday (May 2) night was named the recipient of UNO's Spirit of Service Award.

BIGPIC - 05.04 > Ready for Graduation

<?php include("/var/www/html/enotes/inc/bigpic/2012/0504.htm"); ?> UNO's Pep Bowl is quiet Wednesday (May 2) night as preparations continue for Saturday's graduation ceremonies.

BIGPIC - 04.30 > U.S. - Russia Relations

<?php include("/var/www/html/enotes/inc/bigpic/2012/0501.htm"); ?> A student forum on U.S. and Russian relations was held Thursday (April 26) afternoon in UNO's CPAC's Collaborating Commons room.

BIGPIC - 04.26 > Five Alumni Receive College of Education Awards

<?php include("/var/www/html/enotes/inc/bigpic/2012/0428.htm"); ?> The College of Education honored five alumni at its 24th annual Hollie Bethel Distinguished Alumni Luncheon for their achievements.

BIGPIC - 04.26 > Gandhi Presented UNO Medallion

<?php include("/var/www/html/enotes/inc/bigpic/2012/0427.htm"); ?> University of Nebraska at Omaha Chancellor John Christensen presented Rajmoham Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, with UNO's Centennial Medallion.

BIGPIC - 04.23 > David Brown Named Employee of the Month

<?php include("/var/www/html/enotes/inc/bigpic/2012/0426.htm"); ?> UNO's Employee of the Month for April is David Brown, a computer technician for UNO's College of Public Affairs and Community Service.

BIGPIC - 04.23 > UNO Honored by Boy Scouts

<?php include("/var/www/html/enotes/inc/bigpic/2012/0425.htm"); ?> UNO Chancellor John Christensen was presented with the Corporate Partner of the Year award Thursday (4-18) by the Mid-America Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

BIGPIC - 04.23 > Tree Planting

<?php include("/var/www/html/enotes/inc/bigpic/2012/0424.htm"); ?> Members of UNO student government helped with the planting of a new tree on campus .


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