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widget: 'Hot' list

looks like this:

Why use it?

Got links that are important right now? Want the ability to push certain events or reminders? Use the 'Hot List' or 'Hot Paragraph' widget to get your point(s) across. Use the 'List' version for links, or the 'Paragraph' version for reminders with, or without, link(s).

How to use it

If you're using this widget in-line (not as an include), just copy the 'put this code in your page <body>' snippet and paste it in your page and you're done (after editing, of course).

If you create this widget as an include file, you can call it into several pages from that single file. Copy the code under 'use this code to call as an include' and save it into your 'inc' folder as 'hot-list.htm.' You can have this widget show only when needed by simply deleting the contents of the included file when not needed (the file still gets loaded - but it's blank) - and then when you need it, just paste the code back into the include, save, put, and you're done. You may want to save a version as a template to use if you are going to delete the include file contents sometimes. I like to save those templates as 'hot-list-t.htm' where the 't' means 'template.' Now you'll need to 'include' that file on your page - copy the code under 'use this code to call as an include' and paste it into your page where you want it to appear.

put this code in your page <body> - or save it as an include:

<div id="list_hot">
  <div id="lselect_hot">
    <div class="box_txt">
        <li><a href="">Fall 2008 Orientation</a></li>
        <li><a href="">MavSpace - customize your UNO experience</a></li>
        <li><a href="">Maverick Village Open House - April 22</a></li>
use this code in your page <body> to call as an include:

<?php include('/web/yoursite/inc/list-hot.htm'); ?>


Don't make changes that compromise the designed function or appearance of the widgets. They should look, and behave, the same way no matter where they appear. Changes to font sizes, link colors, and/or other elements cause uncertainty for users, and compromise the visual and functional design that is part of the UNO brand. So please, use the widgets only as they are designed, and only for their intended uses. These widgets are only for use in the right-hand column (04 Main Content Right Column) of the WTA_01 template.

Content last modified: December 22, 2010, 8:24am