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widget: 'Calendar'


The 'Calendar' widget as we knew it is no longer. The new UNO Master Calendar of Events has replaced it. If you'd like to display all university-wide events for today you can do so by using the following code snippet:

<?php include ("/var/www/html/news/rss/rss2html.php"); buildhtml("", "td", 500, "", "scroll"); ?>

To change the height of your widget you can adjust the value of its height attribute by pasting this into your page <head> (after all other linked styles). The default value is 175px.

<style type="text/css">
#cal-scroll {height:175px;}


Don't make changes that compromise the designed function or appearance of the widgets. They should look, and behave, the same way no matter where they appear. Changes to font sizes, link colors, and/or other elements cause uncertainty for users, and compromise the visual and functional design that is part of the UNO brand. So please, use the widgets only as they are designed, and only for their intended uses. These widgets are only for use in the right-hand column (04 Main Content Right Column) of the WTA_01 template.

Content last modified: August 01, 2011, 3:46pm