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We're glad you're here — it shows your're at least somewhat interested in what UNO's web templates have to offer. We hope you'll like what you see and that you'll choose to join us in in our efforts to improve things for our entire community of users and developers. If you should decide against use of these templates, we would still ask that you dispaly a proper wordmark (UNO logo) that links to the UNO home page.

So here we go. The 'buildit' documentation is divided into three main sections:

section one.

First comes the introduction. The 'intro' pages will present a few important ideas about the 'buildit' site, its use, nomenclature, and theory. Then, if you're still reading...

section two.

Now you're ready to look over the various available templates choose the ones that fit your needs. Once you've done that...

section three.

Finally you'll use the supplied 'documentation' to customize your chosen template(s).

Note that sections one and two are set up in a linear fashion — with one page leading only to the next, and that one leading only to the next and so on. While this might not seem to be the very best of web design, it is necessary in this instance because we want you to see certain essential information before you proceed to the actual templates. Once you get there, go ahead and bookmark the 'template chooser' page if you like.

OK, lets move on to a bit of underlying theory.

Content last modified: December 22, 2010, 8:21am