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Budget Office Business and Finance

University of Nebraska at Omaha
Budget Development Timeline

(The following schedule is provided as a reference only and is subject to change based upon required approvals by the Administration and/or Board of Regents.)

Budget Office reviews permanent base budgets.

Reports detailing the permanent base budget are shared with colleges/departments.
Colleges/departments provide feedback on changes/corrections and submit paperwork as required.

Permanent Base budget is frozen. Continuation increases are calculated at a campus level.

Detailed budget worksheets (by reporting relationships) are provided to colleges and departments.
Control sheets are provided for specific increases available.
Budget Office is available to meet with areas to review changes.

Completed and approved budget worksheets are returned to Budget Office for review and update to budget system.
Board of Regents approve operating budgets and tuition rate increases for the University system.

Campus specific allocations are balanced and consistency edits are run.
Variety of budget reports are produced.
Final detailed budget reports available for distribution.