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Business and Finance

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Fundamental Fiscal Responsibilities


UNO personnel with fiscal responsibilities have the following fundamental responsibilities:
General Responsibilities:
  • Use University resources for University purposes; never for personal gain or self benefit.
  • Know and understand University policies and procedures.
  • Ensure that expenditure of University resources comply with Board of Regents and University policies.
  • Use Purchasing and Event (team travel) Cards in compliance with related policies.
  • Ensure the integrity of the University financial records to assure accurate financial reporting.


Budgetary Responsibilities:
  • Ensure expenditures do not exceed resources allocated to your administrative unit.
  • Handle all monies received in accordance with the University’s Cash Handling Policy.
  • Account for change funds held by the department in accordance with the Change Fund Policy.
  • Approve only expenses allowable under University guidelines.
  • Support all transactions with proper and complete documentation.
  • Review monthly reports by the end of the following month.
  • Ensure transactions are properly posted to the appropriate cost object, within the purpose of the cost object and posted to the proper general ledger account.
  • If applicable, ensure transactions are within the restrictions established by the related gift, grant, or contract.
Asset Management Responsibilities:
  • Safeguard physical assets to maintain their value and usefulness to the University.
  • Track equipment in compliance with the University’s Property Policy.
Documentation Responsibility:
  • Maintain financial documentation in compliance with the Records Management Policies.
Reporting Fiscal Improprieties Responsibility:
  • Report immediately any fiscal improprieties (within your department or another department) to the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance or the Manager of Operations Analysis.


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