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Department of Black Studies
Black Studies Department

Black Studies Graduate Minor Requirements

The Black Studies graduate minor objective is to augment humanity’s collective self-understanding, using the Africana experience as a paradigmatic example of their struggle and achievement. We hope to successfully mentor graduate minors towards the process of fostering systems and methods of scientific inquiry which are more critical, corrective, holistic, ethical, and inclusive. These new paradigms of inquiry are focused on re-examining questions involving the study of “truth”, social variables like race, class, and gender, and Eurocentrism.

The Black Studies Graduate minor may be earned by completing 9 credit hours from the selection of BLST graduate courses, including but not limited to the following:

BLST 8070 Advanced African American Historiography

BLST 8080 Special Topics in Black Studies

BLST 8096 Black Studies Oral History

BLST 8205 Black Nationalism and Pan Africanism

BLST 8266 Women of Color Writers

BLST 8506 Philosophy and Theology of Martin L. King Jr. and Malcolm X

BLST 8560 Black Leaders of the Twentieth Century

BLST 8570 Seminar in Black Studies

BLST 8580 Seminar in Research and Writings of W.E.B. DuBois

BLST 8706 African Philosophy

BLST 8886 Seminar on Black Leadership in America

BLST 8955 Philosophy of Afro-Americans