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Lab Facilities.

The Nebraska Biomechanics Core Facility is located within the School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation of the College of Education at University of Nebraska at Omaha. It is a large space measuring 110 feet by 50 feet with 20-foot high ceilings. Additional facilities within the building include locker rooms, conference rooms, first-aid provided by certified athletic trainers during building hours, a motor development lab, a stroke upper extremity lab, an exercise physiology lab and a 20-station student computer lab. Student Health Services is also located within this building providing access to nurses, part-time physicians, an x-ray machine and other diagnostic equipment. The 240,000 square foot, recently renovated Health, Physical Education and Recreation building dedicates 60% of its space to exercise and recreational facilities. All exercise equipment is new within one year. In addition, a designated parking space, close to the entrance of the building, is provided to all study subjects during testing.

Motion Capture System: A 12-high-speed digital camera system (Eagle System; Motion Analysis Corporation, Santa Rosa, CA) integrated with an 8-channel piezoelectric force platform (Kistler USA, Amherst, NY) mounted into a concrete subfloor slab for isolation of kinetic signals.
EMG: Myomonitor Wireless EMG: Delsys Incorporated, Boston, MA
Instrumented dual-belt treadmill: Bertec Corp., Columbus, OH
Portable Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test: Cosmed K4b2; Cosmed USA Inc., Chicago, IL
In-shoe pressure/force measurement system: Tekscan, Inc., South Boston, MA
Wireless Motion Capture System: NDI 3D Investigator Motion Capture System; NDI, Northern Digital Imaging, Ontario, Canada
Body weight support systems: LiteGait®; Mobility Research, Tempe, AZ & custom built system
Instrumented stairway: Our four step stairway includes three stairs with embedded force platforms and handrails (custom built with plates from AMTI, Watertown, MA).
Eye tracker system: faceLAB 5; Seeing Machines, Inc., Acton, MA
Upper-extremity Rehabilitation Robot: InMotion 2.0 Shoulder Robot; Interactive Motion Technologies, Watertown, MA
Accelerometers: PCB Piezotronics, Inc., Depew, NY
Foot switches: Stride Analyzer: B & L Engineering, Santa Ana, CA and Gait-o-Gram®; NBCF, Omaha, NE
The SMART Equitest System: NeuroCom Intl., Clackamas, OR
Portable Spirometer: MicroLoop; CareFusion, San Diego, CA
Isokinetic Dynamometers: Biodex Systems 2 & 3; Biodex Medical Systems, Shirley, NY
Virtual Reality System: custom built
Oximeter: InSpectra™ StO2; Hutchinson Technology, Hutchinson, MN
Vibrating Tactors: C2 Tactors; Engineering Acoustics, Inc., Casselberry, FL
Portable Infant Balance Tester: Balance-o-Gram®; NBCF, Omaha, NE