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Previous Student Statements.

Jim Cavanaugh, Ph.D.

"Of all my mentors and advisors, Dr Stergiou clearly stands alone as the most consistent and influential positive force in my proffesional development."

"Dr. Stergiou clearly is motivated by his love of teaching, sense of duty, and dedication to scholarly developments of others."


Regina T. Harbourne, PT, Ph.D.

"I know of no other faculty member who would support and mentor a professional in another discipline as Nick supported me. He has supported and mentored me in designing research, writting and submitting grants, and publishing scientific papers."

"To me, that is the test of a truly excellent mentor: someone who helps and guides another individual's development without regard to their own personal goals."


Jeremy J. Houser, Ph.D.

"In my entire collegiate career, Dr.Stergiou has been the most effective and caring professor I have encountered. He challenged me intellectually and nurtured me. He provided an environment that was supportive, yet open to thinking for oneself and learning from one's own mistakes."

"Dr. Stergiou is responsible for my professional success. I only hope that I can provide my student/advisees the same amount of love, respect and intellectual challenges that Dr. Stergiou has provided me."


Jessie Huisinga, Ph.D.

"As a mentor and a friend, Dr. Stergiou is solely responsible for shaping my current and future scientific career and for showing me the impact of a dedicated mentor. He is totally committed to helping each of his students meet their goals through both a rigorous graduate training program and through an understanding to each person’s individual needs. Dr. Stergiou is truly selfless in the giving of his time and talents to providing a supportive and exciting research environment for his students"

"While I hope to be the type of mentor and advisor to my future students that Dr. Stergiou was for me, I think that such a remarkable person is impossible to replicate."

Erin Fosnaugh

"Mentorship is a balance between instruction and personal creativity. After working here as an undergraduate assistant for three years, I can't imagine a better mentor than Dr. Stergiou. He is a one-of-a-kind expert biomechanist who has also mastered the art of scientific mentorship. These two qualities are a rare combination in one person and I can confidently say that I wouldn't be as prepared for the next level if I didn't work in this lab."

"Perhaps the most indisposable aspect of the lab is the team of students that Dr. Stergiou recruits and retains. I've had the pleasure of working with several outstanding intern, graduate, doctoral and post-doctoral students who have served as excellent role models and teachers. There was always someone I could go to for questions and feedback."

Beth Smith, PhD

"As a committee member for my PhD dissertation, Nick played a very large role in shaping my scientific career, and he continues to do so as a collaborator. I especially value his willingness to answer my questions. He always does so with patience, demonstrating a true desire and enthusiasm for helping me better understand nonlinear analyses. I would not be able to pursue my research interests without the training and support he has provided over the years."

Anastasia Kyvelidou, PhD

"I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart Dr. Nick Stergiou, who has been my mentor during my master and doctorate years. As a result of his knowledge and guidance I have a much better understanding of our discipline. I have learned so much from him that it is difficult to put into words how grateful I am for his time invested in me in becoming a successful academician and researcher. I wish that every student is as fortunate as me to be mentored by such a wonderful person and dedicated scientist!"

Dr. Nick Stergiou and Dr. Anastasia Kyvelidou

Sara Myers, PhD

"I feel very fortunate to have worked in the Nebraska Biomechanics Core Facility as a graduate student. Dr. Stergiou’s mentoring helped me develop into a well-rounded young faculty member and prepared me for a successful career in academia. Dr. Stergiou has a knack for making research and classes exciting and for motivating all members in the laboratory to pursue excellence in their career endeavors. Dr. Stergiou is unique in that he also cares about my development as a person.  In addition to outstanding mentorship, I was blessed to have worked with many exceptional members in the laboratory. These individuals made life in the lab enjoyable and will serve as lifelong friends. "

Dr. Nick Stergiou and Dr. Sara Myers