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New Majors and Transfer Students

Please contact Maggie Snyder for your initial advising appointment:

Maggie Snyder
Allwine Hall 114E


Continuing Students

Advisors will generally be assigned according to your area of interest. Click on a name for contact information.

Dr. Antlfinger

Botany, population biology, ecology
Dr. Boucher Plants, Fossil plants, ecology
Dr. Chase Genetics, developmental biology
Dr. Davis Molecular & cellular biology; human infectious diseases:  tropical medicine, parasitology, and microbiology
Maggie Snyder Departmental Advisor and Pre-Health
Dr. Egan Plants, especially lichens, classification
Dr. Fawcett Pre-Optometry
Dr. Kolok Physiology and toxicology, environmental toxicology
Dr. Lu Bioinformatics
Dr. McCarty Environmental Studies program (campus wide)
Dr. Rauter Behavior, ecology, insects
Dr. Rowen Pre-Dent, Pre-PT, Pre-PA, Med tech (Clinical Laboratory Sci)

Dr. Schoenbeck

Plant physiology, cell & molecular biology, biochemistry
Dr. Snyder Parasitology, zoology

Dr. Stasiak

Zoology, especially fish
Dr. Tapprich Biotechnology, molecular biology and biochemistry