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  Point System

Tracking points are for those interested in the Corporate Cycling Challenge on August 17. The following are answered questions about tracking points.

1. How to convert miles and days into points:
      - 1 mile = 1 point
      - 1 day = 10 points (5 points?)
For those that are able to accumulate 200 points or more in the 14 week commuter challenge either all or part of your cycling jersey will be paid for, depending on sponsorships.

2. How to know to use miles or days to track points:
      - If you live greater than 5.5 miles away from campus, use miles to track point
      - If you live less than 5 miles away from campus, use days to track points.

3. Am I allowed to track miles to and from work?
      - Yes! If you’re going to track miles make sure it’s total to and from work.

4. Am I allowed to track miles outside of biking to and from work?
      - No, unfortunately for the challenge you can only count miles to and from. Nothing extra.