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  Welcome to UNO's Commuter Challenge Site!

UNO is gearing up for the challenge of the summer and wants faculty, staff, and students to join in the fun! The Third Annual Commuter Challenge is a competition between corporations in the greater Omaha area. This is a new and exciting way to promote biking as a means of commuting to campus. UNO is a firm believer that the campus community can enhance air quality, cut down on traffic congestion and parking issues, and improve personal health and fitness by commuting to campus on bike.

The Commuter Challenge begins on May 12, 2008 and continues until August 17, 2008. Participation is welcomed throughout the entire summer. Worried that you’ll get sweaty riding to work? Campus Recreation is offering to let those who participate in the challenge shower for FREE even if you’re not a current member. Faculty and staff should contact Dr. John Noble (johnnoble@unomaha.edu) and student should contact Jessica Dozark (jdozark@unomaha.edu).

The Commuter Challenge leads up to the Corporate Cycling Challenge on August 17, 2008. For those interested in participating on August 17, UNO will pay for part or your entire cycling jersey if you are able to accumulate 200 points overall. More information about this event will be available as the date arrives. Information can also be found on Activate Omaha’s website at www.activateomaha.org.

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Sign up is FREE and there is NO DEADLINE!!!!!!

Reasons to commute by bike:

  • The average American spends 19 percent of their income on transportation.
  • Trips less than two miles are faster by bike.
  • You will get your physical activity in by biking with the trips you make everyday.
  • Vehicles contribute 81% of total carbon monoxide, 31% carbon dioxide, and 49% nitrogen in the U.S.
  • Biking contributes zero pollutants in the U.S.
  • For more information refer to the Activate Omaha website at www.activateomaha.org