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UNO Bike Share
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The UNO bike share program can continue only if the bike users use the bikes safely. Following are some safety tips and recommendations.


  • All bike riders are strongly encouraged wear a helmet that you, the rider, provide.(click here or the helmets link for more information)
  • All riders ride at their own risk.
  • Follow the rules of the road and always yield to pedestrians. (click here for more information about the rules of the road) or visit
  • Do not ride the tandem bike without two riders.
  • Do not carry passengers.
  • Do not ride after dark.
  • Always check your brakes and tires before you ride.

Please note that many of the yellow bikes have coaster breaks, that is, to brake you must press the pedals backward. If the bike has only one hand break then the rear brake is a coaster brake.

If there is a problem with the bike, do not ride it. Call 554-2670 or 402-690-9134 and report the problem and the number and location of the bike. For more more information about safety, helmets and a disclaimer, please click on the links or tabs for each topic.

For tips about safe cycling and safe driving around cyclists view the video below.