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UNO Bike Share
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The UNO bike share programs are free services for UNO students. The yellow bike program is currently maintained by volunteers who are committed to promoting physical activity and reducing pollution. The bike library (1-2 day checkout program) is operated by UNO's Outdoor Venture Center. The B-cycle program is operated by the Omaha Community Bike Shop and was funded by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska and UNO Student Government. Please adhere to the following rules:

Wearing helmets is strongly recommended (Helmets can be checked out for free at UNO's Outdoor Venture Center.

Follow the safety guidelines

For of the B-cycle program view their information at:

For the yellow bike program or the bike library, please follow these rules:

Ride at your own risk.

Follow the rules of the road.

Always yield to pedestrians.

Do not ride after dark.

Pick up and drop off bikes at any UNO bike rack for the yellow bike option or at the Outdoor Venture Center for the bike library option.

Do not take the yellow bikes off UNO property [north (Dodge) or south (Pacific) campuses]

Yellow bikes may be ridden one way or round trip as available (Do not hide the bike to assure that it will be available to you for a round trip)

Yellow bikes and library bikes are available on a first come, first served basis.

Be courteous to pedestrians and ride slowly or walk your bike in congested areas.

Report maintenance problems or vandalism to: 554-2670 or 402-690-9134 (click contact for more information)