UNO Service Learning

Ways to Contribute


Mentor kids who work with artists

Teach bike safety

Teach basic bike repair

Solicit sponsors for bike racks

Promote the Metro Bike Blast

Create networking sites for Metro Bike Blast (e.g., Facebook, MySpace)

Help to schedule and coordinate related projects

Create maps and walking and biking routes (GIS, GPS, Google maps)

Recruit other volunteers

Help develop policies and documents related to the project

Assist with administrative responsibilities

Conduct background research for the project

Solicit organizational  partners

Meet with elected officials to explain the project

Develop, design and maintain web sites

Assist with the UNO's Day of Service

Assist with the Cinco de Mayo parade

Seek funding for the project



Contributing Faculty:


David E. Corbin

Don Greer

John Noble

Shandy Ramet