Artistic Bike Rack Adopters, Download Invoice here (pdf)

Artistic bike rack in Benson

Installed artistic bike racks and artists' names (top: left to right), Jamie Burmeister, Higinio Tapia, Mark Goodall and Les Bruning,(bottom: left to right)Les Bruning, Rose Carlson and Paul Konchagaulian


There are now three of Jamie Burmeister's artistic bike racks in front of Green Street Cycles. Les Bruning's UNO Maverick bike racks are located at Mammel Hall, the new UNO College of Business Administration.



Henry Doorly Zoo has added these colorful artistic bike racks




The Bike Rack Project is one part of "Bike Blast"--- a spring, 2009 effort launched by artists, designers and bike enthusiasts to raise public interest in riding bikes for better health, to help the environment, and to get racks at businesses and public places to encourage bike use.


Les Bruning is the go-to guy for the racks.  Installations cost $300, Artists will be paid $300-450 for their design, materials, finish & labor. 


If you are a business owner or know a business owner who wishes to sponsor a bike rack, you may want to use images that fit in with your business theme or locale. Just make sure it's aesthetically pleasing and feasible.


Les Bruning                                                   

Bruning Sculpture

1301 Nicholas,

Omaha, NE 68102 402-341-8990

or email Eddith Buis

Download Brochure (pdf)

Download Bike Rack Design Brochure (pdf)