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Bethsaida Biblical Archaeology

Consortium & Partners

While the University of Nebraska at Omaha is responsible for the coordination of annual digs, and UNO professor Rami Arav leads the excavations, the project is possible only through the contributions of scholars, volunteers, and students from several other institutions.

Bethsaida Biblical Archaeology


The work at Bethsaida engages scholars, students, and other volunteers from diverse disciplines and from institutions all over the world. If your college or university would like to join the consortium, contact UNO's Kristy Leahy or Rami Arav.

Become a member

Your institution can join the Bethsaida Excavations Consortium. Benefits include free room and board for student group leaders and membership on the consortium board. Membership dues are $2,000 per year. To inquire about joining, contact:

Kristy Leahy Pape, Excavations Coordinator

Rami Arav, Professor of Religion and Philosophy and Lead Excavator