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UNO Assessment Committee Mission Statement

The University of Nebraska at Omaha Assessment Committee is responsible for guiding the process of academic assessment across the campus in an effort to enhance student learning and facilitate the continuous improvement of our academic programs. In recognizing the diversity of disciplines supported by the university and the diversity of the community of learners we serve, UNO is committed to an inclusive and holistic process of assessment that is faculty-driven, student-centered, and meets the needs of individual programs.

Assessment at UNO is intended to be inclusive and representative of various disciplines across campus. The following faculty and staff have graciously agreed to serve on the committee:

Currently Serving Representing 3-Year Term
Jennifer Harbour A&S (Black Studies) 2014-17
Julie Pelton A&S (Sociology) 2013-16
Karen Fannin CFAM (Music) 2014-17
Kath Henebry CBA (FBRE) 2014-17
Regina Toman CPACS & BGS 2014-17
Connie Schaffer COE & Grad. Studies 2013-15
Peter Wolcott IS&T (ISQA) 2013-16
Karen Hein Academic Partnership for Instruction 2013-16
Hank Robinson Institutional Effectiveness 2013-15
Doug Stack Faculty Senate 2013-15
Melissa Berke General Ed 2013-16
Laura Grams OASA 2013-15
Neal Topp OASA
Paul Barnes, Chair OASA