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Courses Available for the Minor (listed by department)

Art History

ART 4710/8716--Ancient Art History
ART 4720/8726--Women in Ancient and Medieval Art
ART 4730/8736--Classical Art History
ART 4750/8756--Late Roman and Byzantine Art History
ART 4930/8936--Special Topics: The Hellenistic World, Pop Antiquity, Ancient Egypt, Gender and Sexuality in Antiquity, Pop Antiquity


ENGL 2500--Literature of Western Civilization: the Ancient World
ENGL 3000--Special Topics in English
ENGL 4960/8800--Topics in Language and Literature


HIST 2510--Ancient History: Greece
HIST 2520--Ancient History: Rome
HIST 2990--People and Issues in History: Greek Myth and Religion
HIST 2990--People and Issues in History: Ancient Egypt
HIST 2990--People and Issues in History: Byzantium
HIST 2990--People and Issues in History: Greek Heroes and Heroines
HIST 2990--People and Issues in History: Classical Sparta
HIST 3520--History of the Roman Empire
HIST 4820/8826--Ancient Persia and Mesopotamia
HIST 4830/8836--Ancient Historical Authors
HIST 4840/8846--Alexander the Great and the Macedonian Origin
HIST 4850/8856--Rome and the Early Church
HIST 4910/8916--Topics in History: Roman Republic, Ancient Rome AD 284-641, The Roman Family, Roman Paganism
HIST 9100 Seminar in History--Argead Macedonia to Philip II, Greek Religion & Mystery Cults
HIST 9200 Colloquium--Greek Military History; Race, Gender & Sex in Ancient Greece; Ancient Roman Religion; The Age of Caesar; Ancient Rome: the Urban Experience; Imperial Rome


PHIL 3120--Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 3500/8900--Readings in Philosophy: Plato

Political Science

PSCI 4310/8361--Classical Political Thought

Religious Studies

RELI 2150--Hebrew Scriptures
RELI 2160--New Testament
RELI 3130--Women and the Bible
RELI 3170--History of Christianity
RELI 3500/8900--Special Topics in Religion: Jerusalem, Egyptian and Babylonian Religion, Ancient Israel, Biblical Archaeology, Biblical Cities, Jesus and Archaeology, Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls, Greco-Roman Religions, Bethsaida Excavations