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Durham Scholarship.

The Durham Scholarship Award was established by the Aviation Institute to recognize the remarkable leadership of Charles Durham and his family in establishing the Aviation Institute. The stipend is provided through the ongoing fund-raising activities throughout the year. The Durham Scholarship is considered the highest academic honor awarded to an Aviation Institute student, and is presented to either a graduate or undergraduate student. Applicants must meet the qualifications listed below. The deadline for applications to be submitted is Friday, February 14, 2014, at 4:30 p.m. to CPACS 120. The scholarship recipient will be announced at the Aviation Institute Honors Convocation.  For more information about this scholarship and other aviation scholarships, visit our web-site at

Students meeting the following criteria shall be eligible for this scholarship:

      • Must be an undergraduate or graduate student within the Aviation Institute, College of Public Affairs and Community Service, University of Nebraska at Omaha.
      • Junior class standing or higher for undergraduates; completion of six (6) graduate credit hours for graduate students.
      • Cumulative 3.2 or higher GPA
      • Candidates must be enrolled in the Spring 2013

Application Form

Past Winners

2012-2013: Deanna Stoddard
2011-2012: James Slabaugh
2010-201: James Slabaugh
2009-2010: Joseph Rotterdam
2008-2009: Joseph Rotterdam
2007-2008: Dustin Babb
2006-2007: Dustin Babb
2005-2006: Lawrence Runana, MPA, 2006
2005-2006: Dustin Babb
2004-2005: Bassel El-Kasaby
2004-2005: Ryan McGrail, BAV Professional Flight, 2005
2003-2004: Nanette Scarpellini-Metz, MPA, 2001
2003-2004: Jason Hartwig, BSPA Aviation Flight, 2004
2002-2003: Nanette Scarpellini-Metz, MPA, 2001
2002-2003: Robb Burbach, BSPA Aviation Flight, 2004
2001-2002: Ryan Goertzen, BGS Aviation Studies, 1999
2001-2002: Stephen Vincik, BGS Aviation Studies, 2004
2000-2001: Chien-Tsung Lu, PhD, 2003
2000-2001: Ryan Goertzen, BGS Aviation Studies, 1999
1999-2000: Karisa Kane, MPA, 1999
1999-2000: Michael Lempke, BSPA Aviation Administration, 1999
1997-1998: Timothy Gleason, Jr., MPA, 2000
1997-1998: David Dorner, BGS Aviation Studies, 1999
1996-1997: Mary Schaffart, BSPA Aviation Administration, 1998; MPA 2001
1996-1997: Michael Turner, BGS Aviation Studies / Aviation Administration, 1995; MPA 1997
1996-1997: Duane Boyle, BGS Aviation Studies, 1997
1995-1996: Randal Douglas, BGS Aviation Studies, 1996
1994-1995: Glen Clinch, BGS Aviation Studies, 1993
1993-1994: William Rasgorshek, BGS Aviation Studies, 1994; BSBA, 1994
1992-1993: Peter Bielak, BGS Aviation Studies, 1993
1991-1992: Michael Turner, BGS Aviation Studies / Aviation Administration, 1995; MPA 1997

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