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Durham Lecture

The Charles W. Durham Distinguished Guest Lecture Series was established at the UNO Aviation Institute to honor the late Charles W. Durham for his inspiration and financial support as co-founder of the institute. The Aviation Institute holds the Durham Lecture each year and presents the guest lecturer with the William F. Shea Award for Distinguished Contributions to Aviation. The award is given in honor of the Aviation Institute’s founding director, William F. Shea, and is presented to individuals who have made significant contributions to aviation, both locally and nationally.

Past Durham Lecturers

1990 – A. Scott Crossfield
1991 – Captain Mini Tompkins
1992 – Captain Al Haynes
1993 – Astronaut Wally Schirra
1994 – Dick Rutan
1995 – Dr. Thomas Q. Carney
1996 – Col. Francis S. “Gabby” Gabreski
1997 – Daniel S. Goldin, NASA Administrator
1998 – Col. Robert K. Morgan, Memphis Belle Pilot
1999 – Robert J. Gilliland, SR-71 Test Pilot; Col, Rich Graham, USAF (Ret.); Marta Bohn-Meyer, NASA Flight Engineer
2000 – John Goglia, NTSB Board Member
2001 – Donald L. Smithey, Executive Director, Omaha Airport Authority
2002 – Michael S. Kudlacz, Transportation Security Administration
2003 – Tom D. Crouch, National Air & Space Museum Smithsonian Institute
2004 – Jack Olcott, General Aero Company
2005 – Shane Osborn, Silverstone Group
2006 – Vern Raburn, Eclipse Aviation
2007 – J. Robert Duncan, Duncan Aviation
2008 – Colleen C. Barrett, President Emeritus Southwest Airlines
2009 – Catherine M. Lang, FAA Acting Associate Administrator for Airports
2010/2011 - George T. Whitesides, President & CEO of Virgin Galactic
2011/2012 - Robert "Hoot" Gibson, retired NASA Astronaut/Reno Air Race Pilot/Naval Aviator
2012/2013 - Duane Woerth, U.S. Representative to the International Civil Aviation Organization



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